Outpost Hope One Monthly Report - June

CO- Brig Gen John Henry Bearkiller - A/C
XO- Commander Rhairn Reyn - Petter
2nd Officer - Lt. Commander Kada Hrath - Joseph

Intelligence Officer - Lt. Danni Richards - Katrina

Chief of OPS - Open
OPS Officer - ENS Devlin Trask - Thorsten
OPS Officer - ENS Lance Elliot - Pete

Helmsman - ENS John Harrison - Liam

Chief of Security - Lt. Turik - Spike

JAG Officer - ENS Mariah Reynolds - Charlotte

Chief Engineer - Lt. Aaron Zografos - Jeremy
Engineer - Ensign Allen Bird - Justin (new player)

Chief Medical Officer- Open
Medical Officer - Dr. (Lt. j.g.) Scott Penhaligon - Clive (extended

Chief Counselor- Open

Chief Science Officer- Open

21st MEFMarine CO- Lt. Colonel Rebecca Smyth - Becky
Marine XO- Open
Marine Officer - 2nd Lt. Jack Donlan - Tim (AWOL)
Marine Officer - 2nd Lt. Xavier Kent (new player)

Marine Aerospace Fighter Squadron the Roughnecks
Squadron Commander- CAPT Jonathon Matthews - Andrew
Wing XO- Open
Marine Pilot - 2nd Lieutenant Jermaine Jackson - Jermaine

Cardassian Ambassador: Kota Magar - Anna-Marie
Romulan Ambassador: T'Rehu - Jade
Federation Ambassador: Havaris Keldar - Ainsley

Thasin Al’Rasgal - Kevin
Angelina Sharapova - Jade


The practical jokes that have been plaguing the station have increased in severity, it started out just as items being suddenly gone to the sonic showers colouring the crew in all different colours. Recently it have taken a turn for the worse again, the gravity plating have been affected and also other major systems like the transporters, universal translators and replicators. The source of the practical jokes have still not been discovered but the crew are working as fast as they can and trying not to get stuck in some awkward situation.

There is also a major project in the works on Sentinel Station, with the Formation of the Sphere Consultive and Advisory Council the fruits of this cooperations is starting to show, and all the participants are working on this project.

Posting is stable, but we still have a few of our more active players on LOA as well as some sporadic one (Myself included at this point in time). There are perhaps a little more focus on subplots that on the main plot itself, but that should get changed.

June - 160
May - 162
April - 216

CO - A/C
XO - Petter
Rep - Joseph
Rep - Spike

Submitted by Petter Solhaug, XO Hope One

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