Hope 1 Monthly Report - July 2008

Outpost Hope One Monthly Report - July

CO- Brig Gen John Henry Bearkiller - A/C
XO- Commander Rhairn Reyn - Petter
2nd Officer - Lt. Commander Kada Hrath

Intelligence Officer - Lt. Danni Richards - Katrina

Chief of OPS - Open
OPS Officer - ENS Devlin Trask - Thorsten
OPS Officer - ENS Lance Elliot - Pete

Helmsman - ENS John Harrison - Liam


JAG Officer - ENS Mariah Reynolds - Charlotte

Chief Engineer - Lt. Aaron Zografos - Jeremy
Engineer- Ensign Allen Byrd- Justin

Chief Medical Officer- Open
Medical Officer - Dr. (Lt. j.g.) Scott Penhaligon - Clive

Chief Counselor- Open

Chief Science Officer- Open

21st MEFMarine CO- Lt. Colonel Rebecca Smyth - Becky
Marine XO- Open
Marine Officer - 2nd Lt. Jack Donlan - Tim (AWOL)
Marine Officer - 2nd Lt. Xavier Kent

Marine Aerospace Fighter Squadron the Roughnecks
Squadron Commander- CAPT Jonathon Matthews - Andrew
Wing XO- OpenMarine Pilot - 2nd Lieutenant Jermaine Jackson - Jermaine

Cardassian Ambassador: Kota Magar - Anna-Marie
Romulan Ambassador: T'Rehu - Jade
Federation Ambassador: Havaris Keldar - Ainsley

Thasin Al'Rasgal - Kevin
Angelina Sharapova - Jade


Sentinel Station has come together with the Cardassian
Ambassador and the representatives of Copernicus Corporation and
Syntax Enterprises to find a way to stop the Chhashra and their wave
of practical jokes. Meanwhile, the reclusive Lacosians, created by
the Builders as the maintenance-workers of the sphere, have emerged
from their isolation to ask for help with a genetic defect they
suffer from called the Rasp. General Bearkiller has declared First
Contact Protocols for both encounters, although most personnel are
looking much more benevolently upon the Lacosians than the Chhashra,
as everyone has been the victim of a number of practical jokes.

Notes: July was interesting with a change of Command, lots of LOAs
and the loss of part of our Command Team. Posting dropped somewhat,
but things have continued to move along and I think we finally are
getting a handle on everything.

July - 126
June - 160
May - 162

CO - Petter
XO - Joseph
Rep - A/C
Rep - Katrina

Respectfully Submitted, Joseph, Hope 1 XO

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