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Outpost Hope One Monthly Report - April

CO- Brig Gen John Henry Bearkiller - A/C
XO- Commander Rhairn Reyn - Petter
2nd Officer - Lt. Commander Kada Hrath - Joseph

Intelligence Officer - Lt. Danni Richards - Katrina
Intelligence Officer - Col. Mason Ferrell - Karel
(extended LOA)

Chief of OPS - Open
OPS Officer - ENS Devlin Trask - Thorsten
OPS Officer - ENS Lance Elliot - Pete

Helmsman - ENS John Harrison - Liam

Chief of Security - Lt. Turik - Spike

JAG Officer - ENS Mariah Reynolds - Charlotte

Chief Engineer - Lt. Aaron Zografos - Jeremy

Chief Medical Officer- Open
Medical Officer - Dr. (Lt. j.g.) Scott Penhaligon - Clive

Chief Counselor- Open
Counselor - ENS Andrus Troi - Ernie - LOA

Chief Science Officer- Open

21st MEFMarine CO- LT. COL. Quincy Traswell - Dan (extended
Marine XO- Open
Marine Officer - 2nd Lt. Jack Donlan - Tim

Marine Aerospace Fighter Squadron the Roughnecks
Squadron Commander- CAPT Jonathon Matthews - AndrewWing XO- Open

Cardassian Ambassador: Kota Magar - Anna-Marie
Romulan Ambassador: T'Rehu - Jade

Thasin AlíRasgal - Kevin
Angelina Sharapova - Jade

As the residents of Hope 1 resumed their daily routines they
were unaware that mercenaries with shadowy employres had entered the
inner depths of the sphere. Routine was broken when the mercenaries
failed in their mission to gain control of sphere systems, and
instead scrambled the beam-down coordinates of the sphere's energy
transfer beams, resulting in death raining from the sky. A diverse
Away Team assembled to solve what they believed was a mere mechanical
problem, but they were rudely disabused of that notion when the
mercenaries detonated a bomb meant to kill them all. Fortunately
emergency sphere systems teleported everyone out safely, but the
scrambled computer sent them out in pairs separated by variable
distances. Lost and isolated the various pairs had to deal with
mercenaries attempting to hunt them down, hunger, thirst, and the
security systems of a sphere that now erroneously labeled them
enemies. Two security officers were lost, but most of the Away Team
managed to reunite and is preparing to repair and leave the sphere.
In addition, several officers are reporting having made amazing
discoveries: a record of the Exodus path taken by the Builders when
they left…and a working copy of the engine they used to travel
unprecedented distances.

Players were not very happy about the current plot and posting
suffered accordingly, more in quality than quantity. A dialogue has
been opened regarding what would be regarded more favorably, but
little headway has been made. However, the next plot is a complete
departure from our last few, so we have hopes we can gain some

April - 216
March - 254
February - 180 posts

CO - A/C
XO - Petter
Rep - Joseph
Rep - Spike

Repectfully Submitted,
Joseph - Hope 1 Player Representative

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