Groundbreaking Officer Exchange Announced

RIHANNSU CONSULATE, EARTH - For the first time in their respective histories,
The Romulan and Klingon Empires have announced the formation of an officer
exchange program. This program will be similar to the current exchange
program between the Romulan Empire and the Federation currently found in the
Delta Quadrant, where officers from the respective governments are brought on
board to serve as liaisons between the respective governments.

For the most part, this program has been successful in fostering better
relations between these two powers, although it has experienced its share of
difficulties. The first Federation officer to ever serve on a Romulan ship,
Moire Fletcher, found herself on trial for attempted mutiny before being
forced to defect in what she called "…an attempt to save the treaty."
Likewise, the first ever Federation Ambassador assigned to a Romulan warbird
escaped arrest for grand theft only through his diplomatic immunity.

"These were both unfortunate events," An aide to the Romulan Consulate said in
a comm interview. "But we have learned from them. The current crop of
Liaisons are among the finest officers from both our governments."

While this will be the first time a Klingon has served on a Romulan vessel, it
will not be the first cooperative effort between the two powers. Trade
agreements have existed between the Romulans and the Klingons for centuries.
Although these agreements have invariably been limited to military hardware,
the Romulans have shown an interest in Klingon politics going back nearly a
hundred years.

There has been no official announcement yet as to which ships will play host
to these new exchange officers, but rumor has it that the flagship of the
Romulan Delta Quadrant fleet will play host to one of the first of these


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