Nalah t'Kassus

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Species: Romulan
Birthdate: 2377.12.03
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Dark brown / Long
Eye Color: Dark Green
Height: 5’ 8” / 1.72m
Weight: 133lbs / 60.3kg
Birthplace: i’Ramnau, ch’Rihan

Distinguishing Features and Characteristics

Nalah is a very pretty woman; she’s strong shouldered, and strong minded. She’s got a scar on her right shoulder. She has shoulder blade dark brown hair and piercing dark green eyes. Long slender fingers, on the back of her right middle finger she has a very small tattoo of a cross, this come from a time when she was captured and was verified by the small mark on her hand.

Personal Profile

To anyone looking on, Nalah is a strong minded complete individual, capable of performing either on her own or in battle with groups. She is very much Rihannsu, respective of all thing Rihannsu and wishes glory to the Empire. But personally she is very much more modern, less tough. On the outside she’ll stand her ground and make her point heard, but privately she loves to sit in silence, enjoying a range of activities from Holodeck programs to reading and painting. She works hard and is very determined.


Nalah was an only child, born to a female merchant and a man in the military. Her father died in his first mission away from home, his ship being attacked Cardassians. Nalah was only 8 years old. Nalah attended school and higher education and achieved outstanding results in all tables. She made friends easily and got along with all of her teachers. Nalah founded it her destiny to peruse a career in the Military and follow in her father’s footsteps much to the disapproval of her mother. She joined on her 18th birthday and never looked back, though she tries to keep in touch with her family whenever she can.


2377: Nalah t’Kassus was born
2395: Enrolled in Academy
2399: Graduated Academy and was assigned to the SES S’Teran
2400: Was Promoted to Erein
2400: Assigned to SES S’Gavon as a Security Officer
2401: Captured in an away mission – Rescued with required mission completed
2402: Promoted to erei’Arrain
2402: SES S’Gavon is destroyed – few survivors
2403: Assigned to SES S’Savern as a Security Officer
2404: Promoted to Arrain
2405: Assigned to the SES S’Manak
2406: Promoted to Chief Security Officer
2406: Takes temporary command of the SES S’Manak After CO and XO are killed in battle
2407: Awarded for bravery
2407: Promoted to khre’Arrain
2407: Assigned to the SES S’Task as XO
2408: Promoted to erei'Riov

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