Merdeka Week

Merdeka Week is a week-long celebration on Devu beginning on the 2nd Tuesday in July. It is notable for it's fireworks displays and general revelry.


Merdeka comes from the Trellian words Mird, which means mountain, and Eyeya, which means mother. The original Devu colonists had a tough time pronouncing Eyeya, pronouncing it "eka" instead. The Trellians and Srellians both already celebrated a summer festival, and the miners were quick to adopt it to pay homage to the ground which gave them their livelihood. Merdeka Week is when the mines shut down, traditionally to conduct maintenance. It's no longer necessary to close operations, but the mining guild has it in their contract, so they do it anyway.

Merdeka Week Today

The local businesses benefit from the boost in sales, the people get to relax, and the whole planet has a party. It's one time where the Trellians and the miners really get along, because they use the week to celebrate Mother Eyeya. The miners give back to the earth by planting trees, flowers, and such—something they picked up from the Trellians. The Devu Government puts on fireworks displays and free outdoor concerts, and uses Merdeka Week to promote conservation.


Loshe is a particularly potent brew made by the Trellians and only consumed during Merdeka Week. It's illegal to make it unless you're Trellian, and they don't sell it. The only way to get it is to give back to the earth—then they share. Each year, the Trellian Chief gives Governor Bateman a bottle of Loshe in return for his conservation efforts.

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