Marney Robinson

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Species: Human
Birthdate: 2368.05.17
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6' 3" / 1.9m
Weight: 235 lbs / 106.8 kg
Birthplace: Texas, Earth

Distinguishing Features and Characteristics

Both on and off duty, Marney is very much a ladies man. His affection with the female gender is one of his most endearing, and at the same time, disruptive qualities. The highly scandalous mating bond he shared with a Romulan female is well documented and infamous in both cultures.

He is a large man, with broad shoulders and a well defined muscle tone. He is a born leader who naturally takes command when the need arises. His command style, however, has drawn criticism over the years. It has often been suggested that he rushes into a situation with reckless abandon, although that is far from the truth. He is, in fact, a tactician who works hard to stay one step ahead. It is that ability which has kept him alive in the volatile Delta Quadrant.

There are many at Starfleet Command who have great admiration for him and his ability to overcome great odds. At the same time, there are also those who despise his unorthodox style of command and blatant disregard for the policy against fraternization. Love him or hate him, there is no in-between, he demands respect.


Born in 2368, Marney was raised by his mother in the country flatlands of south Texas on Earth. His father left when he was two, and was later killed in the Dominion War. He grew up a country boy at heart, but a love of excitement and adventure directed his path. Often, as a child, his curiosity got him into trouble. He became fascinated with the stars at the age of ten and longed to soar among them.

At the age of sixteen he joined the crew of a freighter, the S.S. Hobbes, captained by John Hobbes, a family friend. It was there that he learned how to pilot a starship, and within a year he was the freighter's primary helmsman. Flying seemed to be second nature to him, manuevering with the ease and grace of an experienced pilot. The biggest test of his skills during his four year stint on the freighter, however, came during the second Federation/Romulan war in 2387. The Hobbes was attacked by a Romulan War-bird and pillaged. The crew of the small freighter fought valiantly against their Romulan attackers, but still lost over three quarters of their personnel. Jessica Barndt, Marney's love interest for two years on the Hobbes, was taken by the Romulan commander to service him. At her request, and agreement to go willingly with her captors, the Romulans spared the freighter destruction. It was then that prejudice toward Romulans grew within Marney, who was heartbroken at losing his lover.

Not six months after the incident, Marney entered Starfleet Academy at the age of 20. He met Tom Bateman, with whom he continues to share a close friendship. The two cadets were well known for their pranks against fellow students, as well as a select few instructors. At graduation four years later Marney ranked fifth in his class, specializing in Navigation and piloting techniques. After the Academy, he attended the school of Advanced Fighter Combat Training and Tactics. When the four year program concluded, he was commissioned an Ensign and given orders to Starfleet Intelligence for three years where he worked on Top Secret missions, mostly undercover assignments.

In 2398 he was assigned to Starbase Horizon, then under the command of Captain Tizar Gruber, as pilot for the 25th Horizon Fighter Wing. He served under Lieutenants Malcolm Xires, and briefly Nick Weaver, before being promoted to Wing XO and serving under Lieutenant Nok Lorith. He was soon transferred to Starbase Eagle's Nest, then under the command of Captain Devan Gorvock, as CO of 24th Eagle's Nest Fighter Wing. Shortly thereafter, Marney was reassigned to Starfleet Intelligence where he served a period of five months before returning to Starbase Horizon as Wing Commanding Officer. He was later reassigned once again to Starfleet Intelligence for a short time during a major crisis that is considered top secret.

After returning to Horizon, his Wing was a major factor in repelling an attack by the combined forces of Vas Karn and Nass'Tall. It was during that battle that Marney and Arrain Lagga Mhn'lor, Wing Leader of the Romulan Warbird Khellian, shared a mating bond. That bond was broken several weeks later by the Tal Shiar. However, Marney and Lagga were reuinted two months later during an officer exchange program in which he was transferred to the Romulan Warbird S'Task. They never had a chance to restore the mating bond, however, and Marney left S'Task feeling rejected and defeated.

For years Marney served as Starbase Horizon's Wing CO. His Wing set records and defended its home under nearly impossible odds. On Stardate 2402.5.19 he was promoted to the rank of Commander and given the position of Executive Officer one day later. He served as Horizon's XO for two years until the untimely destruction of the beloved starbase on stardate 2404.5.3. Two months later he was promoted to Captain and given command of Camp Hunter on Devu II.

With a severely undermanned crew and very limited resources, Camp Hunter was a struggle just to hold together. It suffered several attacks which nearly destroyed the camp, and Marney as well. In October of 2404, Devu II welcomed in a new governor by the name of Lanor Terliv. This governor promised to put a stop to the terrorist acts of one Ralon Tilver. Marney and several of his senior officers were infected by a pathogen which ate away at the brain cells of its host, causing said host to lose all inhibitions and become extremely susceptible to the master pathogen. Under the influence of the pathogen, Marney allowed Ralon Tilver to carry out inhuman acts on the people of Devu II, resulting in the Tilver Massacre of 2405. He was cured by Lt. Suvok and launched a full scale assault on Ralon Tilver's armies. It was later discovered that Ralon Tilver and Lanor Terliv were one in the same. Though he and his crew were victorious, his personal life had taken a major blow.

He was arrested and brought up on charges of murder and committing criminal acts. To make matters worse, his relationship with his fiancée, Alexandria Paige, was damaged beyond repair. At his court martial, he plead not guilty charges and was soon acquitted of all charges. He was, however, sentenced to regular medical and psychological evaluation. A fellow pathogen victim, Major Cameron West, plead guilty and was sentenced to one year in prison and reduced in rank to Private. Marney took a lot of criticism for allowing West to take the fall and not himself. Some of his closest friends and fellow officers resented him for that fact.

Not two months after the pathogen incident, Marney was taken captive by a rogue band of Dominion forces. He was severely tortured in their custody while Camp Hunter was attacked and nearly destroyed. The Dominion forces were eventually beaten, however, and Marney underwent counseling to ensure he was still mentally and physically fit to command. The results were positive.

In 2405, while investigating a planet allegedly dealing in illegal temporal practices, he and his ship were thrown ten years into the future. It was there that the people he cared about the most turned out to be murderers and torturers. Alexandria Paige, Tom Bateman, and Cameron West all made attempts to kill him. Once he returned to the present, he made a vow to himself to ensure that those people never became what he had seen in the future.

Marney was soon given command of the most technologically advanced ship ever built, the USS Discovery. He was tasked with the primary mission of expanding Starfleet's knowledge of the Delta Quadrant by pushing beyond what had already been explored. However, due to the war which the Federation was plunged into against the Cardassians and their allies in late 2405, the Discovery soon became Starfleet's front runner in military operations. The ship and crew completed many successful missions during the war, including singlehandedly bringing down a Cardassian station.

In January of 2007, Marney married the Discovery's Vulcan Chief Engineer, T'jat. The couple did not have the opportunity to consumate the marriage, however, when the ship was pulled into an anomalous transwarp conduit and crashed onto an unknown planet. The crew lost over half its number in the fatal crash, and spent four months attempting to make repairs and learning to survive without the assistance of technology of any kind.

Upon returning to Earth, the Discovery was drydocked for extensive repairs. Marney and T'jat were finally able to consumate their marriage, and Marney promoted his wife to Executive Officer of the ship. Their happiness was short lived, though, when T'jat was killed by a bomb which had been planted in her office by a Romulan Tal Shiar agent named Vreenak who was intent on bringing Starfleet to its knees. Vreenak was killed soon after by a team led by Kolten Robinson, Marney's son who had been estranged from his father.

Marney entered a deep depression after the death of his wife and resigned his commission from Starfleet. He returned to Devu II in hopes of starting a new life by entering himself into the candidacy for Commissioner of the Devu Mounted Police. Polling results ended up a huge loss.

In January of 2408, Starfleet contacted Marney and urgently requested him to return to active duty to take command of Starbase Horizon. After giving the matter some thought, Robinson decided to accept Starfleet's request.

Decorations and Commendations

Years of Service Ribbon (3rd award)
Civilian Assistance Ribbon
Special Forces Ribbon
Away Team Command Ribbon
Distinguished Combat Ribbon (5th award)
Dutystation Defense Ribbon (4th award)
Delta Quadrant Ribbon
Combat Injury Ribbon
Good Conduct Ribbon (4th award)
Covert Action Ribbon
Unit Commendation
Medal of Valor

Starfleet Career Service Record

2388.08.19 - Entered Starfleet Academy

2392.08.19 - Graduated Starfleet Academy, ranked fifth in class

2392.10.01 - Entered Advanced Fighter Combat Training and Tactics

2395.08.15 - Graduated Advanced Fighter Combat Training and Tactics; Commissioned Ensign,

2395.09.01 - Assigned to Starfleet Intelligence

2398.08.16 - Assigned to Starbase Horizon, Fighter Pilot

2398.12.02 - Promoted to Lt (JG)

2399.05.01 - Promoted to full Lieutenant

2399.05.12 - Promoted to Wing XO, Starbase Horizon

2399.07.23 - Assigned to Starbase Eagle's Nest, Wing CO

2399.08.19 - Assigned to Starfleet Intelligence

2400.01.19 - Assigned to Starbase Horizon, Wing CO

2400.10.11 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander

2401.01.05 - Assigned to Starfleet Intelligence

2401.05.11 - Assigned to Starbase Horizon, Wing CO

2402.05.19 - Promoted to Commander

2402.05.20 - Promoted to XO, Starbase Horizon

2404.06.30 - Promoted to Captain

2404.07.01 - Assigned to Camp Hunter, CO

2405.10.01 - Assigned to USS Discovery, CO

2407.09.14 - Resigned from Starfleet

2408.01.26 - Reinstated to active duty; Assigned to Starbase Horizon, CO

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