Lily Harborleaf

Lily Harborleaf (born ca. 2383) is the Chief of Operations aboard the USS Discovery and the only daughter of Vice Admiral Joseph Fontinworth. She is best known as one of the most skilled computer programmers in the fleet. (Played by Abby.)


Early Life

Lily Harborleaf was born as Lillian Fontinworth in San Francisco, Earth. With her mother dead from an early age and her father frequently gone on Starfleet business, she grew up as a loner, and applied her extreme intelligence to learning all that she could about computers and programming.

As she grew older, she came to resent her father for his constant absences and rigidly strict attitudes with her, both of which she blamed on Starfleet. From a young age, though, Joseph made it clear that she was expected to join Starfleet just as her entire family had done for generations. Lily adamantly refused, being far more academic than militaristic.

Lily has long, straight brown hair, a rather plain face, and a slim but shapeless figure. She stands rather petite, at 5’4,” and off-duty can be found wearing baggy jeans, flip-flops, and one of a variety of t-shirts with wise-ass sayings. Her hair is always worn loose around her shoulders, and usually looks as though it needs to be brushed, and she never wears any makeup. She keeps her nails short, partially because she doesn’t care, but mostly because her constant typing at computers inevitably ruins any sort of manicure. She has many skills, most of which revolve around computers and programming, but also include the four languages in which she is fluent and higher-level mathematics.


Shortly after her sixteenth birthday, Lily graduated high school at the top of her class after skipping several grades as a child and graduating early. She was admitted to MIT’s computer department on full scholarship, and purposely flunked her Starfleet Academy entrance exam so that she would not have to attend. Alas, her father was not to be so easily deterred, and used his authority as an Admiral to fix her scores so that they were incredibly high. So, being admitted to Starfleet Academy, and having no power over her life at only 16 years old, Lily was forced to enter the Academy as a cadet. Although she spent a good portion of her time at the Academy misbehaving in various attempts to get thrown out, her grades were excellent and her father always intervened when she was about to be given the boot. She received her commission in 2403, with a degree in Computer Development.

After her first tour aboard the USS Discovery, Lily returned to Earth to pursue her Master's degree at MIT while working at Starfleet Headquarters, having been admitted through the help of her close friend Lt. Cmdr. Erick Sims. She received her MS in Computer Science in early 2407.

Aboard The USS Discovery

Immediately after graduating from the Academy, Lily, then an ensign, accepted a position aboard the USS Discovery as a helm/flight ops officer under then Lt. (j.g.) Erick Sims. Within hours of her arrival, she was thrown into the brig for hacking the Discovery's central computer system, a court-martialable offense that at the time had seemed merely amusing. After severe reprimands from Sims and Captain Marney Robinson, she returned to duty and, with several more episodes of misconduct along the way, began to excel at her job, working as a pilot and ops officer aboard the ship as well as thwarting the plans of Section 31 agent Rexar P'Trell.

When the USS Discovery crashed aboard Planet Paradise, Lily was temporarily blinded until power to the medical equipment could be restored. After the Discovery returned to space, she left for MIT. Upon completion of her studies, she returned to the USS Discovery as the Chief of Operations, by now promoted to a full Lieutenant under Captain Jasin Lochnivar and remaining in this station under Captain Steve Repka.

Personal Relationships

Lily often has trouble relating to others, as a result of her somewhat anti-social childhood, but such skills have improved vastly since her original assignment to the Discovery. She is good friends with Lt. Cmdr. Erick Sims, Captain Steve Repka (a potential love interest), Lt. Lori Barlow, Lt. jg. Jace Anders, Lt. jg. Ree Innion, and Lt. Cmdr. Samantha Kelly. She was shortly engaged to Ensign Alan Alabon.

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