Lenora Mara

Species: Bajoran
Birthdate: 2383.08.09
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Dark Brown, shoulder length
Eye Color: Sparkling Green
Height: 5' 6" / 1.68m
Weight: 125 lbs / 56.8 kg
Birthplace: Dahkur Province, Bajor

Distinguishing Features and Characteristics

Apart from the characteristic Bajoran ridges on her nose, Mara’s most distinguishing features are her sparkling green eyes and quick smile. She is slim, and wears her long dark hair loose around her shoulders.

Personal Profile

Mara is caring and compassionate, putting the welfare and trust of her patients above all else. She takes her job very seriously, and thrives on the challenge and reward of being a doctor. Mara has a warm bubbly personality, and a great sense of humour. She is feisty, determined, hard working, dedicated, fiercely loyal, honest, trustworthy, and motivated. Never one to back away from a fight, Mara will stand up for what she believes in, and is always ready to stick up for the underdog. She is spiritual and religious, but not to the same extent as most Bajorans.

Motherhood has mellowed Mara a great deal. She used to struggle to keep her quick temper in check, and it often landed her in trouble, but since becoming a mother, she has matured. She can still lose it now and again, but doesn’t usually stay mad for long. On a rare occasion she does hold a grudge, which can last an eternity.

Although she was initially terrified when she became pregnant, Mara has gone from being the least maternal person she’d ever known, to become a natural mother. If she were ever forced to choose between her career and her family, there would be no contest.

Mara's best friend in the world is Tia Taylor.


Mara was born in Dahkur City, Bajor. Her mother, Lenora Malana, works for the Bajoran Provisional Government in the Ministry of Commerce. Her father, Colonel Lenora Janar serves in the Bajoran Military. She has one brother, Andos, 4 years her senior, who is exceptionally gifted, and a Commander and CMO in Starfleet. She adores him, and they’ve always been very close. Mara’s parents constantly expected her to live up to the brilliance of her brother, and though she’s bright, she’s no genius, and has therefore always disappointed them. She is extremely proud of her family and its history, and would defend its honour to the death.

Mara spent much of her childhood trying and failing to live up to her parent’s expectations of her. In the end she gave up trying to impress them, and instead got into trouble at school to gain their attention, which only made them harder on her. She joined Starfleet in an attempt to make her parents proud, but also to get away from them, and to become independent. They were eventually proud of her when she decided to follow in her brother’s footsteps and become a doctor in Starfleet.

Mara graduated Starfleet Medical Academy 3rd in her class, once more infuriating her parents. She would have finished top, but was deducted credits for insubordination. The resulting reprimand on her record annoyed her parents a great deal more than it upset Mara herself.

Mara's first assignment was at Camp Hunter, Devu II, under the command of Captain Marney Robinson. She was immediately thrown in at the deep end when she arrived as the camp was under attack from the Dominion. As the cleanup and recovery began and the crew relaxed, Mara met and fell head over heels in love with the Captain's son, Ensign Kolten Robinson. Within months Mara fell pregnant. She was shocked, scared and not ready to be a mother, having always been so career orientated. Mara's furious parents instantly disowned her, but Kolten was happy and asked her to marry him, She accepted, but before they could make any plans, Mara was sent on a mission which almost cost her and the baby their lives.

While investigating a planet experimenting in illegal temporal practices, the crew were thrown ten years into the future, and Mara came face to face and was kept prisoner by a bitter, twisted, evil ten-year-older version of Kolten. It was at that moment, the baby turned from an unplanned pregnancy to a little person Mara wanted, loved and had to protect at all costs. Locked in a cell, alone, sick, exhausted, terrified, and unable to stand one more day in the future, Mara attempted to take her own life - and by default that of her child. They were found in time, but Mara has never forgiven herself for nearly ending the life of her unborn son.

Only a few weeks after a whirlwind wedding, Mara gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Kaden. When Kaden was four months old, his parents were transferred to the USS Discovery, and although Mara should have known it at the time, her marriage was already doomed. In a few short weeks it was all over, Kolten wanted nothing to do with his family, and a heartbroken Mara, with her career and marriage in tatters, took a LOA and went back to Horizon with Kaden.

Struggling to adjust to life as a single mom, Mara contacted her parents, who immediately offered their support. With nothing to stop her, she took Kaden back to Bajor to meet his grandparents. The break did them the world of good, Mara made up with her parents, and Kaden spent a few weeks getting to know his family and home planet. Leaving Bajor a great deal happier than when they arrived, Mara and her son returned to Horizon and an uncertain future.

On leave from Starfleet, Mara had plenty of time to spend with friends, gradually becoming closer to Cameron West and his son, Connor. By the time Cameron asked her out on a date, without realizing it, she'd already fallen for him.

Out of the blue, Mara was offered the opportunity of a lifetime, to become CMO of the new free Federation Health Clinic on the promenade. She jumped at the chance, and loves her job.

Mara's relationship with Cameron developed and after a while Cameron and Connor moved in with her and Kaden. It took a great deal for Mara to be able to open up and trust someone again, but somehow Cameron broke down the wall she'd built around her and Kaden, and for almost a year the four of them were a happy family, or so Mara thought. But once again her world was shattered when despite pressuring her to marry him, Cameron decided to eventually reveal that he didn't love her after all, and their whole relationship had been a pretence from the start. He'd used her and Kaden to try and get over his own problems, not caring that he was lying and hurting them in the process.

Mara is once again beginning to rebuild her life and that of her devastated son.

Summary & Starfleet Service Record

2383.08.09: Born in Dahkur Province, Bajor
2399.01.05: Entered Starfleet Academy & Medical School
2405.03.01: Graduated 3rd in class, Commissioned Ensign
2405.03.08: Assigned to Camp Hunter, Devu II, Medical Officer
2405.04.28: Promoted to Lt (JG)
2405.05.02: Promoted to Chief Medical Officer
2405.10.15: Promoted to full Lieutenant
2406.01.22: Married Kolten Robinson
2406.02.17: Birth of son, Kaden
2406.06.11: Transferred to USS Discovery, Chief Medical Officer
2406.07.29: LOA from Starfleet
2406.08.13: Returned to Starbase Horizon - still on LOA; Divorced
2407.05.24: Assigned Chief Medical Officer - Federation Health Clinic, Starbase Horizon

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