Lazarus Cane

Lazarus was born in Chicago, Illinois, Earth; but as the son of a Starfleet Engineer, he spent the majority of his childhood aboard a starship. At the age of 17 his mother decided she was tired of life in the confines of a ship, and took Lazarus and his two brothers to Devu II, while Lazarus’ father remained on active duty around the Delta quadrant. Life was not easy on Devu II, and soon enough Lazarus was working in the up and coming mining industry of the planet.

He continued to work hard until at the age of 30 he injured his leg while on the job, and was unable to meet the demanding physical requirements of the work. Though he was unable to continue his work as a miner he went on to use his nest egg to start an export business which slowly prospered. Maintaining a close connection to his mining roots, Lazarus was eventually elected as a union leader where he worked hard to successfully improve working conditions of the mining population of Devu II. After years of working hard for the people of Devu II, he was offered a position as senior advisor to Governor Tom Bateman, which he gladly accepted seeing it as an opportunity to further improve the lives of the people of his adopted home world.

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