Kyabri Fujimoro

Kyabri Fujimoro (b. Nov. 11, 2345), served as Governor of Devu II from 2399 to 2405, when his candidacy was cut short by allegations of misconduct and vote tampering, when he was revealed publicly to be a Dominion Founder. He is sometimes known as Kyle Fujimora or Kyara Fujimoto.

Fujimora became Governor after the disappearance of Governor Richard Getz. While it was rumored that Fujimora was behind the assassination, the allegations were never proven. He served during the Tilver Massacre, when he his government was usurped by Ralon Tilver. After Tilver was killed, he returned to power, rebuilding Devu II and reaffirming the people's faith in their planet.

In 2405, Dominion forces kidnapped Marney Robinson, friend ofTom Bateman, in an attempt to get Bateman to drop out of the race for Governor. Commander Nick Weaver, of Starbase Horizon, managed to make a connection and confronted Fujimora. When confronted with proof of his conspiracy, Fujimora publicly admitted to being a Dominion Founder, effectively ending his campaign. He was arrested on charges of criminal conspiracy, and convicted in a Devu court. He is currently serving a 25 year sentence in the Federation Penal Colony on Tirrus.

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