Kung, Son Of Kurelaw Of The Klingon House Of Melulag

Species: Klingon
Age: 42
Gender: Male
Hair: None
Eye Color: Black
Height: 6' 9" / 2.06m
Weight: 219lbs / 99.6kg
Birthplace: Q'RonoS

Distinguishing Features and Characteristics

Kung is tall, even for a Klingon, very dark-skinned, and has extremely pronounced brow-ridges, which are usually the second thing people notice about him, as they almost form what humans call "devil's horns" above his forehead. The first thing people notice about Kung is the set of barbaric goggles strapped to his eyes, a compensation for his severe near-sightedness. These twin smoked lenses are set in a bladed iron frame, held in place by two studded leather straps. His build inside of his crimson ambassadorial robes is slim, for his race, and he compensates for this by wearing heavier armor than most other Klingons, particularly ornate spiked shoulder-guards in the form of humanoid skulls. Carries a looped chain-weapon on an ornate belt as his only visible weapon.

Personal Profile

There is a single phrase that can sum up Kung: "ruthless overcompensation." His childhood, before Jlleghbe'jagh taught him to use his near-sightedness as an advantage, was a nightmare that he was fortunate to survive, and he only managed to do so through guile and deception. While he eventually achieved a kind of honor publicly for progressing far as a warrior and diplomatic advisor despite his handicap, he achieved said progress through what he knows are deceitful, dishonorable means, leading to an essential disconnect from his outer confidence and his inner hatred of what he has become. He is a rabid patriot, and will brook no dissent concerning the "Glorious Klingon Empire," the very system that has twisted him into the very peculiar tool that he is. An extremely dangerous person, with a very fluid sense of honor, but governed very strictly in his behavior by appearances.


Born on Q'ronos to a high-ranking military family, Kung's early life was dominated by his visual handicap. His father, the key figure in most Klingon boys' lives, was entirely absent; mostly by choice, as he saw Kung as a mark of his own disfavor with the universe. His mother was a harsh, domineering woman who later divorced his father formally for "causing" Kung to come into being. Kung's subsequent success has led to a reconciliation between he and his father, Colonel Kurelaw, but he retains only the loosest connections to his mother. He was abused much in school, until a sympathetic martial arts instructor initaited him into the rare Klingon bare-handed art of Jlleghbe'jagh, or "Invisible Enemies," a style of blind-fighting involving sweeps, raking movements with the hands, and the like, as well as several chain katas designed to trap, entangle, or otherwise immobilise a foe. With his discovery of Jlleghbe'jagh, the world opened up to Kung, and he served for five years in the Klingon Imperial Navy before the Klingon General Bureau noted his intellectual skills and schooled him as a diplomat. He was appointed to the staff of Ambassador-General D'Ashonta, a veteran of many wars and a belligerent negotiator, much different from Kung's (comparatively) silken style. Eventually the ambassador-general promoted Kung to vice-ambassador, directly under D'Asonta, so that he could do all the work that D'Asonta chose not to burden himself with.


2366: Kung, son of Kurelaw, born on Q'RonoS
2368: Infant Kung diagnosed with rare eye disease
2373: First hunt; kills a wild targ using pit trap
2373: Begins Jlleghbe'jagh training under Mistress Valkehlor
2376: Parents divorce; mother retains custody
2382: Enlists in Klingon Imperial Navy as an engineer's assistant
2384: Aboard the IKV Yachchuq, awarded Fleet Star for Valor in engagement with Orion Pirates
2385: Kills superior officer onboard the Yachchuq by sabotaging his replicator, then challenging him to fight to the death. Poisoned superior falls easily.
2386: Seconded to the Imperial Klingon General Bureau after an intelligence test
2386-2390: Classified training and operations, Klingon General Bureau
2391-2394: Attends Imperial Academy on Q'RonoS; honours in biochemistry, anatomy, structural engineering, xeno-culture, languages, bare-handed combat, and history
2395: Transferred to General Bureau Diplomatic Division, under Ambassador-General D'Ashonta
2398: Katragh incident; Bureau promotes Kung to full field administrator
2405: Kung and father reconcile
2408: Ambassador-General D'Ashonta assigned to service as diplomatic liason, SES S'Task
2408: Ambassador-General D'Ashonta dies of anaphylactic shock en route to the S'Task due to the terran herb "thyme" somehow making its way into his gagh
2408: lagh Kung replaces D'Ashonta and takes up station on the S'Task

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