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Korav (born c. 2372) is the human-slash-unknown Captain of the mercenary ship the Seiklon Axel. He is best recognized by his pure white eyes. He can see different wavelengths of light, including infrared. His eyes have the curious ability to reflect radiation, so they glow at night, like a pair of amorphous ghost lights. He doesn't sleep all that much, and when he does sleep, he sleeps with his eyes open, which is quite unnerving to those not used to being around him. (Played by Tim.)


Early Life

Korav has no recollection of his parents, or even a family. He was dumped on the streets of a distant Federation colony at the age of 9. Since then, he's had to scrounge off of the dregs of colonial society, eking out a living doing whatever he could to survive. Murder, thievery, and mugging were his first jobs.

Hard-bitten, but carefree, he's a wanderer at heart. Korav spent a few years in the colonial militia, so he knows a thing or two about warfare. Korav thrives on conflict, and never backs down from a fight. He's often been seen as reckless, and improvises when it hits the fan. He never has a plan and never intends to. He lives from contract to contract, enjoying his life of uncertainty, addicted to change. He cusses a lot, a habit picked up from the streets. While his personality is predominantly mercurial, he’s been known for random acts of kindness. His ultimate goal in life is to understand society and make a life for himself. He also wants to come to terms with his own troubled life.

As A Mercenary

Dissatisfied with life as a vagrant, Korav got himself hired as a crew member on a charter cargo shipping company at the age of 16, spending six years going from ship to ship, learning all he could about the business. His education, if you could call it that, came from various ship captains he served under. There, he learned about Human literature, becoming a fan of Homer and Tom Clancy.

Six years later, when Korav put into port at his home colony, he was informed that he and his whole crew had been fired. With no other path to follow, he joined the militia, getting shipped off to hunt criminals in a nearby system. He was assigned to the “Dumpster Dogs” platoon, an elite spec-ops unit dedicated to performing daring raids and covert missions in the name of the colonial authority. After three years, and many conversations with captured criminals, Korav left the militia, disillusioned with the values that he was supposedly putting his life on the line to defend.

Korav spent the next 12 years working for various mercenary companies, his jobs ranging from space vessel crew member to hired muscle. He is now wanted in five systems for various acts of smuggling, murder, theft, grand theft, and acts of treason against the local government. He’s built for himself a legend in this little corner of the galaxy. Many call him ‘ghost eyes’, the terror of all who sleep at night. This nickname was probably derived from rumors of him supposedly doing assassination jobs and scaring the local security guards (yet to be confirmed). He finally signed a contract bringing him aboard the Axel, serving as CO.

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