Kirsty Miller

Species: Human
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Shocking Blue
Height: 5' 9" / 1.75m
Weight: 128lbs / 58.2kg
Birthplace: London, England; Earth


Mother: Elizabeth Miller
Father: George Miller
Brother: Kian Miller
Sister: Jodie Miller

General Appearance

Kirsty is quite tall in appearance, she has shocking blue eyes that always sparkle. She is slim and has long dark brown hair, which is often confused with black hair. Her skin complexion is fair and she has long slender fingers with smooth cut fingernails. Kirsty takes pride in her appearance, she always is well dressed off duty, sticking to common theme's such as denim. Kirsty also has a strong jaw line and has long slim legs.

Personal Profile

Kirsty is a warm caring person. She cares very much about the profession she has chosen and takes pride in the work she puts in to it. She is calm in bad situations and is able to keep tensions in conference situations down to a minimum. She is good at being a leader, and has strong leadership capabilities.

Kirsty entered Starfleet at an early age, 16. She finds a passion working with different races. Studying different cultures and understanding different points of view.

Kirsty is also able to speak her mind. She knows how to follow orders and she will do to the best of her ability. She also likes to speak her mind, which sometimes causes her to be put in uncomfortable situations. She has a fiery temper, but its rarely ever revealed to anyone other than herself when confronting herself in the mirror.

Overall Kirsty is a welcoming, honest person. She is well behaved, but like to take it easy when not on duty. She likes to meet new people and enjoys interaction with different people.


Kirsty Miller, born to Elizabeth and George Miller in 2381. Was the last of the family to be born. Her life began growing up on the streets of London. She began life slow, with some medical complications that doctors thought would scar her for life. Pulling through Kirsty started primary school in 2386.

Her primary school education was as expected and Kirsty was thought to be very forward in all of her classes. Though this wasn't recognized until 2392 when she attended high school. Kirsty was very popular with all of her friends but she also knew how to keep up with her work. Kirsty circled the same path and eventually her good grades and excellent friends helped her pull through at the age of 16 with a minimum of 'A' for each of her subjects.

After high school ended for her at the age of 16, Kirsty fell upon a letter in a newspaper about people required to be Liaisons for Starfleet. Her parents had always wanted her to go to college, but Kirsty had her heart set on going to Starfleet. So after time ran out to join College, Kirsty's parents finally gave into her wishes and she left for America.

In 2397 Kirsty joined Starfleet Academy. She at first thought about taking up a medical or counselling potion in Starfleet. But whilst there she began to study into being a Liaison for Starfleet and decided this was her choice. Kirsty spent the next 5 years studying and finally got her degree from Starfleet.

2402. After spending a few months at home in England. Kirsty finally got word from Starfleet. She was being posted as a federation Liaison officer to the USS Starbright. It was a simple mission and she was expected to stay there. The mission turned out to be larger than life when the peace came to heads. Kirsty stood her ground and for her excellent work was promoted to Lt. (Jg). She spent one year there.

In 2403 she spent a year aboard the USS Levran. The year she spent there was one of the most biggest moments of her life. The ship came to heads with Cardassians and through all the destruction and fighting Kirsty managed to keep the Cardassians at ease for a while. The ship so badly damaged, was set to self destruct and officers fled the ship. The Captain. One of Kirsty's good friends was killed with his ship.

After returning to Earth she got a promotion to Lt. Taking two months off work to spend time with her family and recover from the fighting. Mid year 2406, Kirsty got word again from Starfleet that she was being posted to a Romulan ship named S'Task.


2381: Born in London, England, Earth
2386: Attended Primary School
2392: Attended High School
2397: Attended Starfleet Academy
2402: Graduates Starfleet Academy
2402: Posted to the USS Starbright
2402: Promoted to Lt. (Jg)
2403: Moved to the USS Levran
2403: Escapes the Levran only just and gets promoted to Lt.
2406: Takes a few months off work
2406: Posted to the SES S'Task

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