Khiy tr'Movar

Species: Romulan
Birthdate: 2376.02.18
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Green
Height: 6’3” / 1.90m
Weight: 157lbs / 71kg
Birthplace: Ihhliae, ch'Rihan

Distinguishing Features and Characteristics

Khiy is a well dressed, smart young man with a sharp attitude towards his life. He’s a joker at heart – this often lets him down. He has dark brown hair and a boyish look even though he’s 32 years old.

Khiy has a scar on his right eyebrow from an explosion he was involved in.

Personal Profile

Khiy is a smiling, smashing young man. Though 32 years of age, his personality comes across teenage, he’s strong minded and often over powering with his decisions. He’s a risk taker and won’t hesitate in doing what’s necessary to get the job done. Though this often lands Khiy in trouble, and has been the cause for him not to be able to settle down for long before his commanding officer requests his transfer.

Khiy can be a self righteous Romulan sometimes but he’s really a soft and gentle man under the tough exterior he uses to protect himself from bullies.

He loves working on mechanics, fixing things and being overly confident in his abilities. He’s a big kid but reliable and trustworthy enough to know he’s a hard worker.


Born to teacher parents on stardate 2376.02.18 Khiy was one of six boys in total. His mother - a professional history teacher and his father a teacher in the military school of mechanics; Khiy had always dreamed of flying Fighters with his brothers and father.

In his younger days he was a quiet shy young man, as he moved in to high education and attended his mothers history class he was permanently bullied and thus the joker in Khiy was born. Khiy used jokes to get others to laugh at him instead of bullying him and this ended up becoming his trademark.

Khiy moved into getting a high grading in history and Mechanics and in 2395 at the age of 19 he went to the military to study in mechanics and Fighter Jets for the Empire. In 2400 at aged 24 he was assigned as an Erein aboard the SES S’Varek as Fighter pilot.

Khiy was quickly promoted to erei’Arrain and was considered for Wing CO. He didn’t get it because the Riov felt he couldn’t trust him enough. As the years passed he was transferred from ship to ship including the SES S’Manek and the SES S’Tavern. Whilst on the SES S’Tavern he finally earned the rank of Arrain.

But at the age of 32 in 2408 he was moved again – this time to become Wing CO aboard the SES S’Task.


2376: Khiy was born
2395: Attends the Military Academy of Mechanics
2400: Graduates Academy
2400: Promoted to Erein and assigned to SES S’Varek as Fighter Pilot
2401: Promoted to erei'Arrain
2402: Transferred to SES S’Manek
2406: Transferred to SES S’Tavern
2407: Promoted to Arrain
2408: Transferred to SES S'Task
2408: Promoted to Wing CO

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