Kaemada Siersou

Name: Aurianne Hope Tailae Kaemada Siersou (aka Kaemada Siersou)


Gender: Female
Age: 22
Home World: Terra (original creation, exists in alternate universe)
Date of Birth: September 2, 2360
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 90 lbs
Hair Color: gold
Eye Color: sapphire blue

Racial Profile: The Rinaryns are much like humans in physiology, though smaller and frailer in make-
up, with longer healing times. They tend to be hardened by tough living conditions, having achieved
only Iron Age level technology after a technological fall approximately a thousand years ago. There is a
waning tendency for psionic abilities among this race, and fewer children are born each generation with
these gifts. There is a strict policy among the Rinaryns of never using psionic abilities without
permission unless under attack- it is considered a great dishonor to the user and extremely,
unthinkably rude. A generally peaceful society (though they do occasionally have skirmishes with
neighbors on the island), they are confined to a single island on their planet, the rest of the planet
being inhabited by other, more technologically advanced races. These other races leave the Rinaryns
alone in part because the island is very difficult to get to due to natural phenomenon around the area,
and indeed, the vast majority of Rinaryns are unaware of the outside world.

Early life and history: Kaemada was born a middle child into a large family of ten children. At the age of
five she began training as a warrior. This training was mental as well as physical, for she soon began
manifesting psionic abilties. She continued her studies in physical and mental training dutifully until
she came of age to take her dream journey when she was twelve. She returned successfully only to find
much of her village and nearly her entire family destroyed in a raid. She worked hard to help rebuild her
village, but a short time later was wounded in a follow-up raid, and her studies shifted to focus almost
entirely on her psionic abilities. Although capable of some telepathy, her real strength lies in her ability
to connect with animals and communicate with them, as well as her ability to project her mind outside
of herself. This 'dreamwalking' leaves her body completely defenseless and in a coma-like state, while
her mind is prone to being lost if she loses sight of her goal. To this end, she has bonded herself to a
young wolf named Tannevar, who acts as an anchor for her to keep her mind from being lost should
she wander. However, this tie transmits pain from one to the other as well, and so is a weakness as well
as a strength.

Recent history: Kaemada left Rinara a year ago to wander the planet and explore, to find a better way
for her people to live. She discovered other races on the planet and the mind-boggling technology
they had at their disposal. Quite recently, she was captured by an alien race who intended to use her in
a museum of sorts and transported her with Tannevar aboard their ship. In the middle of a battle with
an unknown race, Kae and Tannevar were abducted and transferred to an escape pod by an
egomaniacal adventurer. Soon after, the pod tumbled into a dimensional rift, leaving them stranded in
the Discovery's universe.

Personality: Kae mada has this innocence about her that convinces many that she is but a child, and
younger than her years. She tries to take the best view possible on people and their motives, and so is
very trusting and loyal. She's very optimistic and somewhat stubborn. Kae likes to help people, and
often lets her emotions sway her judgement. She can be fierce, but she is also very forgiving and
merciful, inclined to take people at their word despite their history. Wearing her heart on her shoulder,
she can be easily hurt. She's curious about everything but especially people, and loves to listen to their
stories. A music lover, she plays, sings, and dances, though untrained. She's almost always up for
something new and exciting to try. However, she is very claustrophobic.

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