Joseph Fontinworth

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Vice Admiral Joseph Fontinworth (born ca. 2348) is a high-ranking Starfleet Intelligence officer and the father of Lily Harborleaf.



A career military man all of his life, Fontinworth has dedicated himself to rising through the Starfleet ranks, often at the cost of his personal life - a case in point being his alienation from his only child, Lily Harborleaf. On duty and off, he is gruff and strict-to-the-letter, leading many to regard him as a jerk. While they may be correct, he generally does the honorable thing when it is truly important.

Fontinworth was the first admiral to receive readings of the USS Discovery's return to space after their three-month absence from inhabited space, and nearly blew them out of the sky before confirming their true identity. He also took part in the advanced training of Steve Repka and Erick Sims.

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