Jeral Bero

Original Name: Jeral Nerian
Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
Position: Chief of Security, USS Discovery
Gender: Male
Race: Joined Trill
Jeral's Age (Host): 28
Bero's Age (Symbiont): 275 (4 Previous Hosts)
Height: 6'1''
Weight: 178 lbs.
Birthplace: Trill
Birthdate: 2380.6.8
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Green


Yelani Nerian - Mother (56)
Vero Nerian - Father (57)
Kellan Nerian - Brother (29) (Deceased)
Dellad Nerian - Brother (25)
Sileni Nerian - Sister (23)

Bero's Previous Hosts

Name (Original Last Name) - Profession

Elani Bero (Erian) - Trill Council Member

Elani Bero was given a seat on the Trill council just as Trill was gaining influence in the Alpha Quadrant. She was very instrumental in changing Trill from an inward facing society to an outward facing one. She tended to follow the beliefs of Lela Dax, the first host of the Dax symbiont, not only because she respected a strong female leader, but she understood Dax’s stance on many topics.

Arianes Bero (Sellan) - Artist

Arianes Bero was a very respected artist in Trill society. He was given many awards for his pioneering works in "modern" Trill art. He believed that "a picture is worth 1,000 words, but a picture that you create, is priceless." His theories on art paved the way for many current Federation artists, and helped spread peace through the Quadrant. His message of peace however, was not an intended one. Even though he loved peace between races, his art was created not to give a message, but to discover himself.

Veronn Bero (Kelani) - Federation Council Member

Veronn Bero holds the record for the youngest Federation Council member, and was very influential in the Council at one time. He had the ear of many Starfleet officers, and would talk with them on many occasions. He would sway his votes to favor Starfleet on many issues, and gained the nickname "Starfleet’s favorite council member." He helped Starfleet gain power in time to confront the many new adversaries it faced at the time.

Ayren Bero (Delorr) - Trill Ambassador to Bajor

Ayren Bero did not originally consider herself the Ambassador to Bajor, even though she was officially. She considered Bajor her home, and would not leave it unless forced. She helped Bajor through the Dominion war, and had ties with officers on Deep Space Nine. There, she met Jadzia Dax, and was very glad to, as she had many questions for Lela, remembering their matching beliefs of so many years before.

Basic Profile

Jeral Bero is of average height and build, but has oddly light hair for his species. He does not sport the usual dark brown hair of the Trill race. The symbiosis commission nearly denied him a symbiont because the only typical way a Trill can have lighter hair is a chemical imbalance. Jeral was tested and proven to have the imbalance, but he was the first to go to trial to prove that the imbalance would not endanger him or his symbiont if he were joined.

Odd enough, and there are many theories as to why, Jeral was given one of the most sought after symbionts of his initiate class, Bero, which had seen 4 previous lifetimes over 272 years. Each of Bero’s previous lives had made huge contributions to either Trill or Federation society, and now Jeral feels a great pressure to live up to his previous hosts’ achievements.

When Jeral Bero entered Starfleet Academy he studied heavily in Starship Security Tactics and Medical Triage. Thus, he is equipped to handle most internal starship security problems, and if things get out of hand, he is capable of being a decent emergency medic. He graduated at the age of 24, after a late joining due to his trial with the Symbiosis Commission.

Soon after his graduation, Bero requested a leave of absence from Starfleet, and was granted, as his brother Kellan, his closest friend during his childhood and until that point, had died. Jeral stayed on Trill for 2 years, denying any Starfleet letter requesting his return. He soon delved into art, calling on Arianes Bero’s artistic abilities, which apparently stayed with him.

Bero was also harassed by the Symbiosis Commission for being reckless with his symbiont when he orbital skydived many times during his vacation on Trill. While orbital skydiving and other dangerous sports were allowed for Joined Trill, they were heavily frowned upon, but Bero proceeded nonetheless.

It was also on Trill that he discovered his rekindled love of Hasperat, a Bajoran food first discovered by his previous host, Ayren Bero. Jeral loves Hasperat, and many other Bajoran foods to this day. Hasperat and playing his guitar are currently the only two things that keep him in a good moon even if everything around him is going wrong.

He was prepared to give up his life with starfleet to return to art, but decided not to follow in Arianes' shadow, much to the dismay of many Federation artists. Occaisionally, when he is in Federation space, Jeral will recieve a letter from an aspiring artist who would love to see the return of Arianes Bero.

Once Jeral returned to Starfleet, however, he turned to music, in an effort to broaden Bero's experience in the arts. He currently plays guitar in his free time.

After his 2 year stay on Trill, Bero finally sent a letter to Starfleet, ending his stay on his homeworld and restarting his Starfleet career. Bero requested a position in the Delta Quadrant and was pleased when Starfleet offered him a security position on the USS Discovery.

Psychological Profile

Jeral maintains a peaceful personality, not confronting his enemies unless needed, despite his specialty in Starfleet Security. He loves to read, write, and draw, continuing the love of art that Bero gave him. He tends to be overly opinionated, another trait given to him by his symbiont, as the combination of all his previous hosts tends to subconsciously make him feel like an authority on most subjects. Jeral is very conversational, but will not show that trait unless he is discussing something that reflects his interests. He is interested in social debates, but not official staged ones, his belief is that "you cannot arrange an argument."

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