Jasin Mikal Lochnivar

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Physical Stats

Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 205 lbs
Eyes : Blue
Hair : Black
Skin : Caucasian

Date of Birth : 2370.07.06
Place of Birth : Tyron VII (Classified)

Background (Classified):

Jasin was born on the Planet of Tyron VII to unknown parents. The planet, once a paramount of free thought and social progress has since dissolved into world wide gang warfare. The expected lifespan for a Tyron citizen is approximately 25.

He was born into the Mavrik Clan of the Capitol Region. By the time he was 8 he was already learning to handle firearms. He killed his first enemy clansman at the age of 11 in his 3rd patrol, by the time he was 14 he led his own patrol and raiding parties.

At the age of 16, Jasin returned from a raid to find their home destroyed and his clan dead. The other members of his patrol vowed vengence and blood oaths. Jasin chose a different route. He made his way to the local Starfleet enclave and requested asylum.

Background (Non-Classified)

After moving to Risa, he fostered with the O'Keefe Family, performing the odd jobs, helping running the family farm that supplied food to the Risan resorts. It was here he met their daughter, Gabbrielle O'Keefe. Gabby would hold a special place in Jasin's heart, as she held him through his nightmares and panic attacks.

At 18, Jasin tested and passed the Starfleet entrance exam. At the academy he chose Engineering with a Science minor, performing adequately, although not spectacularly. This was attested to his rough childhood and his inability to capitalize on the advanced learning oppurtunities to availible to the rest of the Federation. Still, as a testament, Jasin graduated in the top 25 percent of his class.

After Graduation, Jasin proposed and married Gabbrielle O'Keefe on 2395.12.07. They have two children, Thomas Aidan born 2396.05.15 and Kelseigh Brooke born 2399.12.31.


Jasin is a no nonsense individual with little time or compassion for fools. Initially this comes across as brusque, rude and arrogant. But once the relationship settles in a fierce loyalty and friendship is found under the layers of standoffishness. Jasin finds great pride in his abilities, in spite of his rough beginnings, and strives for perfection in what he does.

Identifying Characteristics.

Jasin has the tattoo of a grey colored rose with green stem that covers his entire back, the top of the rose peeks above the collar of his uniform.

Service History
  • 2388 Entered StarFleet Academy
  • 2392 Graduates Starfleet Academy top 25%
  • 2392 Assigned to USS Centaur for Midshipman's Cruise
  • 2394 Assigned Utopia Planitia - Advanced Engineering Internship
  • 2397 Assigned to Starbase Horizon as CHENG, Promoted to Ensign.
  • 2397 Promoted Lt. (jg)
  • 2398 Promoted Lt.
  • 2398 Promoted Lt. Commander
  • 2399 Promoted Commander, Assigned XO of Eagle's Nest
  • 2399 Assigned CO Eagle's Nest
  • 2402 Promoted Flt Commander, Assigned Drachenfels Station as Head of Science and Engineering Delta Quadrant.
  • 2403 Assigned Jupiter Station, Head of Theoretical Projects
  • 2407 Assigned to Delta Quadrant Engineering Team, Head Engineer
  • 2407 Assigned to USS Discovery as CHENG
  • 2408 Promoted Captain, Assigned CO USS Discovery
  • 2408.09.11 Assigned CO USS Olmsted
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