Jace Anders

Fighter Pilot, 15th Wolfpack
DOB: 2384.10.16
POB: Largo, Delta Dorado II (Gideonite Home world)
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 189 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown


Lt. (jg) Jace Rowan Anders was born the second child of Dr. Revan Anders and Dr. Kayle Anders. Jace was a mischievous child with a habit for pulling practical jokes, earning him the nickname "Joker" from his older sister Cree. Jace was a bright young man who yearned for adventure, and upon graduation at age 17 applied to Starfleet. Jace awaited with no reply, so he enrolled in the Vulcan Sciences Academy.

Jace began an accelerated path towards pre-med with a engineering minor, until the day that officers came to talk about accepting his application due to a need for fighter pilots . Jace quickly accepted and transfered his education to Starfleet Academy, where he began Pilot training with a engineering minor. Jace progressed quickly, his instructors saying he had an almost "natural" feel to pilot training. He graduated in the top 10 of his Starfleet Academy class.

Jace then advanced to survival training, much to the protest of his father. This led to a distancing between them. It was during this time that Jace learned hand to hand combat from a Klingon instructor. In a sparring exercise Jace got a nasty cut on his right cheek and felt he had dishonored the Klingon teachings.

Anders was accepted to Advanced Fighter Tactics school after his instruction. He also began to think of the pilots as family thanks in no small part to the rift between father and son. Jace applied all his effort into training, graduating in the top 3 percent of his AFT class. In doing so he earned the right to request his duty station and without hesitation chose to join the 15th Wolfpack aboard the USS Discovery under Commander Sade Drake. Someone in the ranks pushed hard to get Anders on with the 15th, and Anders has suspicions that the ship's XO (Commander Steve Repka) may have been behind it.

Anders found himself doing quite well within the Wolfpack. During a mission to Eagle's Nest, Anders performed a recon mission under a cloak provided by Discovery. The sensor package caused the fighter's internal temperature to rise and resulted in a crash landing. Jace earned the rank of Lieutenant (junior grade) for his actions. Jace also began a romantic involvement with the ship's counselor, Ree Inion.

Anders recently found himself under the influence of an alien orb, sent to him mistakenly in place of a birthday gift. During the incident Anders had a run in with newly appointed CO Steve Repka, which has strained things between them.


Gideonites are generally very intellectual and have strict morals (closely resembling a cross between modern Islam and Catholicism, as a bit of guide). Jace is a bit looser in this regard. He is a practical joker and a controlled individual. He rarely loses his temper. Jace is a very loyal friend. He was quite by the book, but under Drake he has since eased up a bit on his regulation ways.

Jace almost constantly has a grin on his face (which has lead some to question his very sanity). Anders is a coffee junkie as well and recently took up smoking. Jace has five very important people in his life. His sister Cree with whom he is especially close. His mother, who he views as the standard for doctors and mothers, and recently Lt. Lily Harborleaf, whom Jace has taken a brotherly view of. Anders was involved in a relationship with a half betazoid named Jennifer and it left scars that still influence his dealings with Betazoids. Jace's father and he still don't speak.

Anders is a bit of a philosopher and spends time thinking out loud, which he believes to be a bit of a flaw. Anders is not the best pilot, but has natural skills and a feel for ships that allow him to push it to its limits (which has lead some to say he is a great pilot, but Anders doesn't think that). He is a bit unsure of himself, unless acting on instinct or in a fighter.

Jace enjoys history, especially the 20th century (musing to himself, "it's a miracle Earth and humans in general survived this long"), and secretly enjoys using the holodeck to practice ballroom dancing (a poise exercise his mother insisted on for he and his sister). Jace is also known to research as much as he can on situations. He hates not having an idea what he's dealing with.

Anders recently developed a small cursing problem, partly due to Drake telling him to lighten up, and in part thanks to his academy roommate Ensign Jason Archer, who is possibly Anders's best friend not related to him and not on the ship

Service Record

2384.10.16- Born in Largo, Delta Dorado II.

2401.08.05- Applies for admission to StarFleet Academy.

2401.08.21- Receiving no reply, Anders enrolls at the Vulcan Science Academy for pre-med studies.

2403.06.11- Drops out of the Vulcan Academy after being accepted to Starfleet.

2403.08.21- Arrives in San Francisco, Earth for orientation at Starfleet.

2407.05.04- Graduates from Starfleet. Attends the new Advanced Fighter Tactics training school graduating in the top 3%.

2408.06.01- Requests and (with anonymous assistance ) receives a post aboard the USS Discovery.

2408.06.24- Arrives aboard USS Discovery.

2408.08.21- Promoted to Lieutenant (jg).

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