• - denotes LOA (Leave of Absence)

** - denotes AWOL (Absent Without Leave)
NPC- Secondary/alternate character


CO - Marney Robinson, Captain - Marney
XO - Sheila Bruce Foster, Commander - Gary
2O - Timar, Lt. Commander (NPC) - Marney


CO - Tamzin Richards, Major - Cat
XO - Mason Cale, 1LT - Carl*


CO - Matthew H. McCain, Lieutenant - Timothy
XO - Ranan Kilbey, Lieutenant JG (NPC) - Gary


Acting CEO - Brill Jaro, Lieutenant JG (NPC) - Marney
Engineering Officer- Neal Thorp, Ensign - Frank
Engineering Officer- Pawel Zaganski, Ensign - Pawel

Research and Development - Athena Andrews, Lt. Commander - Becky


CMO - Rose McGregor, Lieutenant (NPC) - Hermione

Federation Health Clinic, CMO- Lenora Mara, Lieutenant - Hermione


CNS - Open


COS(Acting) - Valmar Kvaran, Lieutenant (NPC) - Gary
Security Officer - Michael Rousseau, Ensign - Geoff


COO - Open
Operations Officer - Martzia, Ensign - ??


CIO - Timar, Lieutenant Commander (NPC) - Marney


CSO - Open
Science Officer - Mai McCarther, Ensign - Kate


Federation Ambassador - Yelad Che'Yelsnia - Ainsley
Romulan Ambassador - Open
Cardassian Ambassador - Open


Cameron West, bookstore owner - Melissa
Tia Kelly Taylor, on leave from SF (NPC) - Cat
Three of Ten, captured Borg (NPC) - Cat
Sebastian Walker, Master of Gabby Jane Freighter (NPC)- Michael
Gabby Lochnivar, owner of Gabby's restaurant - Michael
Kang'Korra, Proprietor of Tuq vo' Nagh (NPC) - Geoff



As was the case last month, Horizon was not involved in any major
plot, but rather several subplots involving almost every character
in one way or another. We did a small crossover with Devu II
providing assistance for their natural, or not-so-natural?,
earthquake disaster in the city of Granier. Funny how the DFA loves
to talk trash about Starfleet, but who is the first one they call
when they need help? ;p

We're just starting our next main plot, so stay tuned next month for
details. It involves a new alien race.



We lost two more players last month, one for disciplinary reasons,
and one took an extended LOA, but we've brought on about 3 or 4 very
talented writers who look to be valuable assets for Horizon. Lets
hope they stick around. :)


Post Count:

May - 269
June - 299


Council Reps:

CO - Marney
XO - Gary
Player Rep - Hermione
Player Rep - Geoff

Respectfully Submitted,

Marney Robinson
CO, Starbase Horizon

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