Monthly Report, April 2008 – Starbase Horizon II



CO - Marney Robinson, Captain - Marney
XO - Sheila Bruce Foster, Lt. Commander - Gary
2O - Timar, Lt. Commander (NPC) - Marney


CO - Tamzin Richards, Marine Captain - Cat
XO - Open

Marine Officer- Mason Cale, 2LT - Carl


CO - Open
XO - Open
Pilot- Matthew H. McCain, Lieutenant JG - Timothy


Acting CEO - Brill Jaro, Lieutenant JG (NPC) - Marney


CMO - Rose McGregor, Lieutenant (NPC) - Hermione
Medical Officer- Natalya Tichenyanchova, Lieutenant JG - Vickie

Federation Health Clinic CMO- Lenora Mara, Lieutenant - Hermione


CNS - Tea'nara, Ensign - Kara


COS - Open
Security officer - Valmar Kvaran, Lieutenant (NPC) - Gary
Security Officer - Michael Rousseau, Ensign - Geoff*


COO - Ranan Kilbey, Lieutenant JG (NPC) - Gary


CIO - Timar, Lieutenant Commander (NPC) - Marney


CSO - T'Pinnal, Ensign - Alice


Cameron West, bookstore owner - Melissa
Tia Kelly Taylor, on leave from SF (NPC) - Cat
Three of Ten, captured Borg (NPC) - Cat
Sebastian Walker, Master of Gabby Jane Freighter (NPC)- Michael
Gabby Lochnivar, owner of Gabby's restaurant - Michael
Devan Gorvock, Civilian - Stephen*

Note on Symbols:

  • - denotes LOA (Leave of Absence)

** - denotes AWOL (Absent Without Leave)
NPC- Secondary/alternate character


The Lexington, containing most of Horizon's ‘major players,’ made its
way to the Planet Kenkath. A small away team beamed down to the planet
and uncovered a secret compound ran by a group of inter – planetary
criminals had drugged most of the native Kenkathian populace with DUST
and were using them as slave labor. The away team was compromised,
however, and had to beam back to the Lexington. One of the team –
Marine Captain Tamzin Richards, was captured by the criminals and held
hostage. The Lexington returned planet – side in force, sending down a
marine platoon to secure the compound while Captain Robinson and
another away team located a far more ominous threat – an Omega
Molecule. Back in space, a True Way owned Warbird, en route to Kenkath
to engage in illicit activities, was startled by the presence of a
Federation ship and launched a surprise attack against the LEX.
Unfortunately, the LEX had just completed beaming aboard what was
thought to be the Omega Molecule and her shields weren't fully
restored at the time of the attack. The Warbird then went after the
fighters. The crew was able to bubble gum and bailing wire the LEX
back together enough to destroy the Warbird after the fighters had
weakened it. The month ended with the LEX receiving orders from
Robinson to beam the real Omega Molecule into space and destroy it.


As the month drew to a close, there was a lot of activity on Horizon
II – both in and out of character. Due to some disciplinary concerns,
one of our key players as ejected. On a lighter note, Hermione has
almost completed our website, which we are all looking forward to
checking out (will post the www address when I get it).
Two other bright spots: the level and quality of posting. We've got
some new writers who, aside from (some of them) being prolific, have
written some pretty good stuff too. We do expect the level of posting
to drop, since we've lost the Devu crew to another server. Our luck
with new players has been mixed – but we will continue to seek out
those who would boldly go…


April 2008: 308, down 7 from March 2008. We had 305 in February. As
previously mentioned, we expect a drop in numbers since the
"Devoooians" left our server.

Marney - CO
Gary - XO

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