Horizon I

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Starbase Horizon orbitted Devu II until it was destroyed by an attack in 2404. In 2405, it was replaced by Starbase Horizon II.

After the attack and destruction, the wreckage of Starbase Horizon was brought to Devu II for investigation. It is still there, cataloged and inventoried, in a locked storage facility at Camp Hunter. The destruction of Horizon, and the alleged cover-up, was investigated in the bestseller, Redemption is Just Over the Horizon, by Devu Governor Tom Bateman, who served as Chief of Security and Operations Officer on the original Starbase Horizon.

Table of Contents

Decks of Horizon

Level F: Replicator headed
Level E: Communications and electronics Center
Two FH-8 Phasers are mounted outside of these decks, the term stands for PHASed Energy Rectification.
Level D: Command and Control (CNC)
Level C: Deflector Shields
Level B: Instrumented Probe Storage and Launchers
Level A: Water storage and Filtration

Deck 1: Park
Deck 2: Hydroponics growth Control and command personal
Decks 3-4: Main Summit Chamber
Decks 5-14: Ambassadorial offices, meeting Chambers
Deck 15: Federation Embassy
Deck 16: Executive Officer’s Quarters
Decks 17-18: Gymnasiums 1-15
Deck 19: VIP quarters
Deck 20: Hydroponics Rooms
Decks 21-29: Civilian/Military Corporate Offices
Decks 30-32: Starfleet Command Advance Starship Designs
Decks 33-47: Bureau Offices of federation Civilian Employees
Deck 48: Residential Apartments, Holodecks 1-8
Deck 49: medical Facilities (crew)
Decks 50-52: Crew Quarters and Medical Facilities
Deck 50: Medical Wards (crew) and Labs, The Dental Unit is located on this deck
Deck 51: Emergency Medical Center Transporter Rooms 2-13
Deck 52: Medical Offices
Deck 53: Medical labs and Park
Decks 54-56: Enlisted Crew quarters and Computer Center
Deck 57: Crew’s transporter Room
Deck 58: Temporary Duty (TDY) Crew Quarters
Deck 59: Crew Gymnasium
Deck 60: Computer Center
Deck 61: Crew Quarters (Auxiliary Billets)
Deck 62: Training Rooms, Planning Rooms, Storage
Deck 63: Small Arms Weapon Storage Area
Decks 64-67: Shuttlecraft Maintenance and Repair Decks
Deck 68: Shuttlecraft Maintenance Section D
Deck 69: Shuttlecraft Maintenance Section C
Deck 70: Shuttlecraft Maintenance Section B
Deck 71: Shuttlecraft Maintenance Section A
Decks 72-73: Shuttlecraft Storage bay
Deck 74: Vessel Storage Area
Deck 75: Captain’s Yacht Docking Bay
Decks 76-79: Storage, Offices of the Import/Export Liaison
Deck 80: is divided between Federation Embassy and the new Commodore Station
Decks 81-97: Marines Barracks

Hoizon has over 600 named decks, more to come

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