Harry Jackson

Species: Kes
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5' 7" / 1.74m
Weight: 154lbs / 70.0kg
Birthplace: Kesprytt III

Distinguishing Features and Characteristics

He has scruffy white hair with a rather alert posture but suffers from needing frequent sleep and so sometimes has a tendency to fall asleep during long speeches, films or plays, even though he likes drama and did it in university.

Personal Profile

Harry is more than often sleepy but is hard working and does pay attention. He likes making friends but dislikes telepaths. He enjoys Romulan company but is scared of Klingons and thinks that all Klingons he meets will try to kill him. This is mainly because of the nature of the Kesprytt. Like all Kesprytt he is slightly xenophobic, but saying that he is completely at home on a starship surrounded by other species ,apart from Klingons.


Harry was a member of the Kes rather than the Prytt, but he hates the war between the two peoples. He has a sister and a brother. His brother is called Frederic and is a Kes military official. His sister is called Anna and like Harry hates the war between the Prytt and the Kes. Harry's mother is called Sarah and works for Kes Military Intelligence. Starting at a young age Harry was taught that science was the best subject by his father, who was a scientist at the Kes State Labs. The war between the Kes and the Prytt made lots of people grumble. Harry and his sister Anna were very unhappy about it and so ran away to the Kes starship Delic which took them in. They went to the schools on the Delic and travelled far and wide. Even though Harry loved travelling on the Delic he went back to his home on Kesprytt III to study science and geography further and after university he went on to join the Kes State Science Institute, one of the most famous science institutes in the area (meaning area of space). But once again his anger at the war with the Prytt won out and he decided to join Starfleet to gain some influence in the conflict. Although his sister did not want to join she still followed him to Starfleet just as a civilian.

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