Haren Dakkus

Haren Dakkus was the founder and owner of Dakkus Shipyards. He started the company in 2395 for the purpose of manufacturing ships and other transport vessels for the mining operations on Devu II.


Early Life

Haren Dakkus was born on June 13, 2305, the only child of Lidia and Serman Dakkus. The Dakkus family was among the first settlers to come to Devu II. Haren Dakkus was sixteen when his family emigrated to the Devu System. The son of a middle class, working family, Haren Dakkus soon became another of the scores of miners seeking to make their living off of Devu II's rich and vast ore deposits.

Business Career

Beginning as little more than a common mine laborer, Haren Dakkus quickly began to find his niche in the repair sheds of the small mining colony. He was transferred from the caves to the maintenance facilities. After a few short years apprenticing to the elder engineers, Dakkus was transferred from Grainier to Diggerstown, where he became the Chief Maintenance Engineer. Dakkus worked in Diggerstown as the Chief Maintenance Engineer from 2325-2345.

In 2340, Haren Dakkus and his friend, Lautriv, began making plans for the manufacturing facility that would become Dakkus Shipyards. With Dakkus' engineering knowhow and Lautriv's capital, the two began constructing smaller vehicles and machines to make the mining process easier. This first facility, Lautriv and Dakkus Manufacturing, operated successfully for forty-five years. Lautriv was killed in a mining accident in early 2383 and left all of his holdings to Haren Dakkus.

Dakkus Shipyards

Early in 2394, Haren Dakkus hired starship engineer Jean Baptiste Kapayou and the two began construction on Dakkus Shipyards. Using the capital gained from Lautriv and Dakkus Manufacturing, Dakkus was able to acquire rights to space near Devu I for the free floating station. Construction of Dakkus Shipyards was completed in 2395.

Haren Dakkus remained the sole owner of Dakkus Shipyards until his death in 2401. During the nearly six year ownership, Dakkus Shipyards transitioned from producing primarily mining specific ships and vehicles to producing starships for the various warp capable worlds in the Delta Quadrant. After the completion of Starbase Horizon, Haren Dakkus negotiated contracts with Starfleet, increasing Dakkus Shipyards production rate and solidifying it's position as the preeminent shipyard in the Delta Quadrant.

After Dakkus' death in 2401, Dakkus Shipyards became a publicly traded company. In 2406, Governor Tom Bateman acquired controlling share in Dakkus Shipyards. In 2408, Bateman, sold his majority ownership in the Devu Lines, but retained sole ownership of Dakkus Shipbuilding Inc.

Personal Life

Haren Dakkus lived a solitary life and has no surviving relatives.

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