Hans Juergen Von Falkehausen

Hans-Jürgen von Neue Falkehausen (known affectionately within racing circles as ‘Ha – Yoat’) is considered by some to be an anachronism. Plucked from early 20th century earth at age 22 (by a temporary temperature-inversion induced temporal wormhole caused by a near-fatal automobile racing accident) the young landsknecht was hurtled into the timeline of 25th century earth.

HJ’s exceptional manual dexterity became immediately apparent to Space Race mogul Chester Nüßen during a chance meeting at the miniature speedboat racing booth at Luna Disney in 2399. Nüßen hired him right away and began training him. Within a year, HJ was already winning short circuits in a Nüßen-fund, McClaren warp racer. By 2407, the combination of HJ and fourth-generation McClaren – Nüßen warp racers seemed unstoppable, garnering nearly 50 first place wins and 32 top 10 finishes by the end of that year.


Von Falkenhausen’s dream is to someday race in the Kha’less 750 (LY) and snatch the Klingon Kup from the Romulans, who’ve held it for nearly ten years after beating (that race is still disputed) an all-human, UFP-sponsored team. For now, he’s set his sights on the Omicron race and hopes to add another notch on his win-belt (mostly for the points – one more win gives him 20 points, thus propelling him into the “Million-latinum Racer’s Club.”
HJ’s choice of cockpit-assistance is quite unusual; his side-kick is a new wave, SNL-ian droid named ‘Schprockets.’ Schprockets is fond of 20th Century Bohemian culture and when not manning the co-pilot’s chair for HJ, enjoys dancing and drinking gear-oil schpritzers.

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