H'Draen tr'Khellian

Species: Romulan
Birthdate: 2378
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Height: 5' 7" / 1.73m
Weight: 192lbs / 87 kg

Distinguishing Features and Characteristics

Very muscular build with brown hair and a beard trimmed short. He has a crescent shaped scar below the right eye received in combat training taught by his father when he was 16.


H’Draen is the product of union of a Rihannsu and a Human. His father was the Commander of the Guard for a prominent Senator while his mother was a captured slave from a Fed heavy cruiser. His father secretly had H’Draen’s dna altered to have him seem fully Rihannsu.

As H’Draen grew older he became friends with another Human slave, Hiroshi Takana, who assumed the role of mentor teaching H’Draen martial arts and Eastern Terran philosophies. At his father’s urging he enrolled in the Academy to become an officer in the Imperial Legions, but transferred to the Engineering branch after one year. During his time at the Academy he excelled in his studies earning a double major in Applied Quantum Mechanics and Warp Field Theory. H’Draen also enjoyed displaying his martial arts prowess at the intramural games. At the conclusion of his Time at the Academy he graduated in the top 5 percent of his class.

For 23 years H’Draen lived the life of a full blooded Rihannsu, injecting himself every other day with metabolic and genetic stabilizers. He stopped the practice when assigned to the S’Task and let his true nature be revealed. Unlike other Rihannsu H’Draen is not telepathic, but he is empathic. Although not a true telepath his mental defenses are most formidable due to his training and mental discipline.


2400.10: Assigned Chief Engineer, SES S'Task
2401.03: Promoted to erei'Arrain
2402.09: Promoted to Arrain
2403.11: Reassigned to command position
2404.01: Sent to training at the Empire War Camp
2404.06: Assigned to Tatical Officer
2404.10: Assigned instructor Imperial War College
2407.08: Assigned to SES S’Task as Engineering Officer

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