Name: Ghor, son of Karg

Species: Klingon
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 295 lbs
Hair: Brown
Place of Birth: Kri'stack City Qo'noS

Current Assignment
Lt. - Chief of Engineering, USS Discovery

Key Skills Engineering Topics of Excellence

  • Weapons and Defensive Systems Design
  • Computer Systems Security and Programming
  • Energy Weapons
  • Melee Weapons
  • Covert Survailence and Monitoring
  • Survival
  • Hunting
  • Assassination

Klingon Defence Force/Imperial Intelligence Record
2381 - Entered Klingon Defence Force
2383 - Entered Imperial Intelligence Training
2383-2394 - Served with Imperial Intelligence
2395 - Entered into Engineering School
2397 - Graduated Engineering School
2397 - Assigned as enlisted personel for IKV Warnat
2405 - Raised to Lt. - battlefield commission

Starfleet Record
2407 - Assigned to Starbase Phoneix as Engineer
2408 - Assigned to USS Discovery as Chief of Engineering.

Awards and Commendations
2381 - Grand Champion Hunter - Qo'noS

Distinguishing Marks and Characteristics
Ghor has a long scar going from his right temple to his jaw-line, intersecting his right eye. He wears his hair long, but braided, as it gets in the way when crawling around Engineering. He has his Da'tang knife at his side constantly, along with his hydro-spanner. He has a larger build for a Klingon, much more like a Sumo-wrestler. But his girth doesn't seem to hamper him from getting into more confined spaces.

Personal Background
Ghor grew up a member of a humble house, in the lowlands near Kri'stack City, on the Klingon Homeworld of Qo'noS. It was a life of boredom for the young Klingon, so he began to hunt. In fact, he became a registered Hunter, and began to compete in the local Hunting Tournaments. By the age of 18 he was eligible to compete in the Klingon Hunting Grand Tournament, which he won, four years in a row.

After his first Victory, he was recruited by the Klingon Defense Force, which he accepted with honor. Two years later, (and two victories later) he was recruited by Imperial Intelligence as a tracker and agent, specializing in covert surveillance. The work with II forced him to retired from the Hunting circuit, much to his dismay. He served the Empire with distinction, and was able to garner a semi-retirement from Imperial Intelligence.

Ghor felt that he still had more to give to the Empire, and decided to attend the KDF Engineering School. Ghor enjoyed working with his hands, and the tools that Klingon Engineering taught him, and he found that enjoyment allowed him to do very well in the Technical School. Upon graduating from the school, he accepted a position as Engineer on board the IKV Warnat, in which he served with distinction, working his way up through the enlisted ranks to Master Chief. During his tenure as Master Chief, he challenged the Chief Engineer to a duel over incompetence. Ghor won, and was given a battlefield commission.

The last and final mission of the IKV Warnat was in the Delta Quadrant, where it was eventually destroyed during the battle for Starbase Phoenix. Ghor was transferred as an attachment crew to affect repairs on Klingon vessels, and has only recently returned to Starbase Phoenix, the site where he lost his friends, and his ship.

After a short stay on Starbase Phoenix, Ghor was transferred to the USS Discovery, to become their Chief of Engineering.

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