Gerardo Verkman

Gerardo Verkman

Age: 43

Gender: Male

Race: Terran

POB: Deep Space

Height: 174 cms

Height: 82 kgs

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

General appearence:

Gerardo's habits of living unhealthily show. His face is prematurely wrinkled, his voice is slightly raspy and he is not in good shape. Nevertheless, he carries himself with a demeanor very befitting to his personality: one that implies the inferiority of every other sentient being.

Personal Profile:

Gerardo is dastardly, annoying, some have even dubbed him as evil. In the social world, however, he is careful to cover this behind a robe of politeness, courtesy and respectfulness. Not only does he believe this will ward off anyone wanting to point him out on his foul deeds, he even believes that it may convince some of these people that he is, in fact, quite a nice fellow.


Born in the civilian department on a Federation starship, Gerardo never had a home on a planet. After the decomission of this starship, his family moved to Deep Space 5, where Gerardo spent the rest of his youth.
After coming of age, he became an entrepreneur, and was soon deeply involved with Ferengi trade.
One day, on a stroke of luck, Gerardo made an obscene amount of latinum at Dabo, and was suddenly able to stop working. After purchasing himself a luxury villa on Risa and spending several years there, he got bored, and decided it was time for something new.
Gerardo spent a lot of his money on purchasing himself a racing team. He'd always enjoyed spectating space races, but had been of the opinion that racers left a bit too much to chance. He wanted to change this. Employing dirty tactics, Verkman managed to work his way into the racing elite. His unorthodox practices not only got him several victories in big races, but also fame and fortune, as well as scrutiny from the more morally-minded racing teams.
Years of dirty play have earned Gerardo a reputation of being one of the nastiest racers out on the circuit, and he couldn't be more happy.

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