Federation Wary Of Governor Bateman's Decision To Bring DFA To Starbase Phoenix




In an unprecedented political move, Governor Thomas Bateman of Devu II has come to Starbase Phoenix in an attempt to court the promenade civilian populace. With a week of speeches, meet and greets, and a formal talk with the civilian council, Governor Bateman hopes to persuade the civilians to join the Delta Freedom Alliance.

The Federation is wary of the Governor’s motivations and Starbase Phoenix commanding officer, Captain Ssova tra’Fitz has echoed that sentiment.

“Honestly, [coming to Phoenix] is a provocative move. Asking a colony world, or even an established system government, to join is one thing, but an existing civilian enclave on a Federation Starbase?”

Outrage has spread among both civilian and Federation populations alike, prompting several peaceful protests on the promenade. Many Starfleet and Federation officials question the political and diplomatic directions that the DFA is taking with this decision.

“The DFA is an upstart group, ungrateful for those who sacrificed before to purchase for them the opportunity to live free in the Delta Quadrant.” Captain tra’Fitz said.

Regardless of individual feelings toward the Delta Freedom Alliance or Governor Bateman, the United Federation of Planets has had a long standing tradition of supporting all sentient Delta Quadrant species, cultures and governments in their desire to live peacefully alongside the Federation and Starfleet. While Governor Bateman’s actions may be questionable, the Federation is unwilling to disregard that tradition.

"We've always sought peaceful coexistence with other governments, so we're happy to allow them (the DFA) some leeway,” Federation Diplomatic Corps spokesman Julie Yarri told reporters. “In the end, the people will make the right choice.”

Despite personal feelings toward the Delta Freedom Alliance, Captain Ssova tra’Fitz has assured reporters that he will take the time to sit down with Governor Bateman.

“I will welcome him, talk to him, and most importantly, listen to him.”

Other Federation officials in the quadrant are less willing to promote communication.

“We built this starbase,” Admiral Jefferson of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers said. “We didn’t force anyone to live or work here. In settling on Starbase Phoenix the people of the promenade have already made their choice, and they’ve chosen the Federation. Governor Bateman should focus his energies somewhere else and stay off Federation soil.”

Emotions remain mixed as Governor Bateman’s tour unfolds. As always, stick with the Federation News Service for your breaking news.

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