Federation News Service

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The Federation News Service is primarily an online and padd based news network. Formed shortly after the Federation was founded, the Federation News Service provides Federation citizens with up to the minute news from all of its members. Federation News, Inc. also operates the Federation News Network (FNN) which provides Federation citizens with breaking news and other news stories twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Federation News Service Archive
2408 Headlines

2408.07 - Starfleet Supports Local Delta Quadrant Charity
2408.06 - Federation Comes to Rescue in Grainier, Devu II
2408.03 - Hope One Forms Sphere Consultive and Advisory Council
2408.03 - Federation Wary of Governor Bateman's Decision to Bring DFA to Starbase Phoenix
2408.02 - Federation Determined to Bring Dark to Justice

2407 Headlines

2407.07 - Peace Accord Reached, Federation Begins to Withdraw
2407.07 - Starbase Phoenix Liberated
2407.05 - USS Discovery Comes Home
2407.04 - Will New Alliance Sway the Tide of War
2407.03 - Cardassian Invasion Begs Question - Is the Pen Mighter than the Sword

2406 Headlines

2406.04 - Arrival of Kzin Brings Tragic Defeat
2406.04 - Devu Declares Neutrality, Starfleet Evicted
2406.03 - Breen, Talarians Join the War
2406.02 - Federation Declares War
2406.01 - War With Cardassian Union Possible

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