Federation Determined To Bring Dark To Justice




In a Federation news brief released yesterday, Admiral Spencer Davidson iterated that the seven year investigation into the theft of the Warchief was still an open case and considered a top priority for both Starfleet and the Federation.

“Wanted criminal Tony Dark may have found temporary asylum on Devu II, but we are determined to see Mr. Dark apprehended and justice served.” Davidson told reporters.

Despite the Federation’s insistence that the modern day Bonnie and Clyde, Tony Dark and his partner in crime Nok Lorith, will be brought to justice, political analysts are skeptical.

“It’s a delicate political matter. Sure, Tony Dark is responsible for the theft of the Warchief and every Federation citizen wants such a dangerous criminal in a Federation penal colony where he belongs, but the Delta Quadrant is still largely unpoliced by the Federation. It’s no secret that the Delta Freedom Alliance is growing, and as it does, so does it’s power. When Tony Dark decided to hide out with the Governor of Devu II, he made the smartest decision of his life.”

The Federation, however, remains determined.

“Tony Dark is our number two criminal. We are working day and night to capture this wanted fugitive.” Davidson replied.

With the close proximity of Devu II and Starbase Horizon, many in the Alpha Quadrant wonder if Starbase Horizon may be the target of another Dark and Lorith attack. Starfleet Captain Marney Robinson, the current commanding officer of Starbase Horizon assured both his crew, and his fellow citizens that Tony Dark is not a threat to Starfleet security in the sector.

“Tony Dark has more to fear from us than we do from him. I’m sure he’s as much aware of Horizon’s defense capabilities as everyone else is. If he chooses to leave Devu II, we’ll be ready.” Captain Robinson told reporters.

It is no secret that the Governor of Devu II and Captain Robinson have a long standing friendship. Captain Robinson assured reporters that Tony Dark’s presence on Devu II has had no ill-effects on his friendship with Governor Thomas Bateman, and that it has not effected his views toward Devu II or the DFA.

“We recognize the hero’s welcome he’s received from the people of Devu, despite the atrocities the man has committed in the past. We will not disregard Devu as a whole simply for public ignorance regarding Mr. Dark.” Captain Robinson said.

Starfleet offered similar assurances.

“We don’t wish to see a deterioration in our diplomatic relations with the Delta Freedom Alliance,” Admiral Davidson said, “but we can’t sit back and watch one of the Federation’s most wanted criminals roam free. We are in contact with the Devu Government and are hoping to find a peaceful solution to the current predicament.”

As always, the Federation News Service will keep you updated as the story unfolds.

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