Federation Declares War



A frenzied mob of reporters awaited the President’s announcement Thursday on his return from the diplomatic summit on Romulus. After several days of negotiations the President called for an address to the members of the Federation.

“We are already at war.” Remarked the President as he began his speech.

The decision was met with mixed emotions on the part of the Diplomatic Corps but they have expressed their complete support of the President as they continue to work toward a peaceful end to this conflict.

“The Federation will no longer sit back and watch the Cardassians plough their way through the Universe with destruction and violence. The Federation will stand with the Romulan Star Empire to put a halt to Cardassian devastation.” The President said during his address.

Even now forces are being transferred to the borders of the conflict where they will reinforce Romulan troops already there.

“The Cardassians have begun attacking outlying Federation settlements. It is time for action.” Said the President’s Secretary of Defense, Field Marshall Vladimir Bulskavek.

Although Bulskavek remains confident that the allied Federation/Romulan forces will see a swift victory, intelligence reports thus far have been unable to determine the strength and power of the Cardassian Army.

The Federation News will report as the situation continues to unfold.

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