Federation Comes To Rescue In Grainier, Devu II




Rescue efforts in Grainier, Devu II have continued in earnest. After suffering a massive 7.1 earthquake, Governor Thomas Bateman gave a universal plea for aide and assistance as they struggle to cope with the search and rescue efforts. The death toll has risen to nearly 4,000 and the names of the injured and displaced are topping 10,000.

The Federation, through Starfleet, was among those to heed the call.

“We’re doing what we can to assist the men, women and children effected by this terrible tragedy.” Admiral Sarah Riley told reporters. Admiral Riley was recently appointed as the flag officer for the Delta Quadrant and oversees all Starfleet personnel in the sector.

Currently, the government of Devu has been struggling to find a place for the thousands of survivors that are now considered disaster refugees.

“It’s hard to be prepared for something like this. You create relief plans but until you actually have to deal with the mass amounts of people needing shelter, it’s difficult to understand how logistically troublesome this all is.” Devu Relief Fund director, Jalin Lerahn, told reporters. “We’re doing everything we can, but it’s never quite enough.”

On top of sending engineers, medical personnel and marines to Grainier to assist with search and rescue, triage and clean up, Starfleet will also be loaning the Devu government use of Camp Hunter as a temporary housing facility.

“Camp Hunter is not currently being used by Starfleet,” Admiral Riley told reporters, “so I contacted Devu’s Secretary of State, Samantha Montgomery-Bateman, and offered the base as a semi-permanent housing facility for those made homeless by this tragedy.”

In conjunction with the Devu, Starfleet will be refitting the base. It is already equipped with lodging, recreation facilities and medical facilities. Although some sections of the base will continue to be off limits to the refugees, the majority of the base will be temporarily remodeled to accommodate the thousands in need of housing.

“The Federation has always set the standard for aid in the universe. We are a cooperative and we’re always eager to offer our assistance to anyone that might be in need. Devu has requested our help, and we would be remiss in our duties as Starfleet officers if we did not respond to the call.” Riley told the press in an early morning press conference, “it is our moral responsibility to help those in need; and, that is exactly what we’re going to do.”

Lieutenant Commander Athena Andrews, former chief engineer on Horizon and chief designer of Horizon II, will be spearheading the project. After an initial assessment of Camp Hunter, Commander Andrews predicts that Camp Hunter should be ready to begin receiving survivors after forty-eight hours. To augment Camp Hunter, additional temporary housing will be set up in the surrounding area. The comprehensive plan will take a few weeks for Starfleet and Devu engineers to complete, but Andrews is confident that they will be able to house the survivors until other arrangements can be made.

The Federation News Service will continue to follow this story as it unfolds.

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