Event Announcement: Omicron/Dakkus Space Race

The Omicron/Dakkus Space Race!

Presented by the Dakkus Shipbuilding Company, Inc.


The Devu Sun Times


Starts at Starbase Phoenix

Ends at Starbase Horizon


Pre-Race get together begins Sunday, August 24th, 2408

Race Start is Sunday, August 31st, 2408.

The Dakkus Shipbuilding Company, Inc. and The Devu Sun Times present the 1st Ever Omicron/Dakkus Space Race, to be held Sunday, August 31st at the magnificent Starbase Phoenix. The race will consist of several segments designed to showcase the best pilots and the greatest spacegoing machines.

There will be a pre-race get-together and pilot conference at the Delta Hotel and Casino, beginning on Sunday, August 24th. Join us for racer’s autographs, equipment demonstrations, and all around speedy fun.

Race Line-up to be announced.

Brought to you by the Dakkus Shipbuilding Company, Inc.


The Devu Sun Times—News, information and fun for the Delta Quadrant and Beyond…


Craft may not exceed 24 meters in length. Single warp engines only. All craft must be capable of atmospheric flight. Craft WILL be subject to inspection by the engineers of the Omicron Shipyards (for details, contact Race Engineer Prix).

Craft may not have a crew exceeding two persons. All pilots will be tested for performance enhancing (or not) drugs both prior to the race and at the checkpoints along the way.

Entry is open to ALL Borderlands members. The Space Race will be held on a separate server, in “Borderlands Mean-Time,” so as to be available in the timeline to all participants. Server-specific information will follow.

Anyone wishing to assist with the race or pilot’s conference should contact the race director. There is a special need of someone wishing to call the race play-by-play.

Questions can be directed to the race director at tom-bat….

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