Ejiul ir'Bagbamor tr'Mulaer

Species: Romulan
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Greyish-Black
Height: 6' 1" / 1.85m
Weight: 170lbs / 77.3kg
Birthplace: Padek


Mother: Pomponia t' Mulaer
Father: Tullius tr'Mulaer (Senator)
Sister: Llarissa (1st sister; Secretary in the People’s Work Magistrate)
Sister: Eviess (2nd sister; Revisor in the Quaestor Magistrate)
Brother: S'Tof (1st brother; Novice of the Element Earth)

Distinguishing Features and Characteristics

It may well be that a lot of people want to wipe “that smile” off his face. Actually, it is not an arrogant smile, but more accurately one of pity, and he shows it everytime when one adresses him without accepting proper protocol.

His eyes carry a hint of grey in the usual black, which makes him look more intelligent. He would not stand out in a crowd of Rihannsu, except for his traditional clothing. While his hair have the common black of the earth, he shows the first signs of becoming bald, although he usually has enough time in the mornings to work around that.

Personal Profile

Interpreting the Key Aspects of Rihannha:

Eijul sticks to his defined goals and carries them out with aggression, especially when uncalculated factors come into play. He will analyze his goals very often, many times before defining them, and at least twice when he has reached or failed them.

The universe deserves inspection, and sometimes Eijul even inspects things lots of other people have seen before him, just to see if the object or the observer differ. He usually concentrates on one task, and delay the inspection if something more important breaks in. He just needs to return later, to finish his observing.

Eijul is naturally proud of what he has reached, and confident in the state of his mind and body. His job is even to renew confidence in the state of mind of other people. Especially in those situations his confidence in his data can be mistaken for arrogance. He still is very seldom rude to people before they had a chance to defend themself. Even if the accused is guilty until proven otherwise, Eijuls honor dictates to treat him as a Rihannsu.

Although Eijul tries to plan in advance and after, there are some situations which come unexpected. Then one has to follow his heart and instincts, trust the Elements, and let the blood pound to the ears. Eijul doesn‘t suppress that, but he usually analyzes his actions later, which only makes it more interesting. Sometimes, especially in off-duty situations, he voluntarily lets his passion rule to analyze it later.

Eijul follows Mnhei‘sahe as his grandfather taught him. Respect to elders and superiors comes naturally and has to be broken with many facts until questioned. Over those stand respect to the House Mulaer, its ancestors, the Empire (or Republic, if you must), to the Universe, and the Elements. These can not even be questioned with as many facts as procedured.


With his home planet further away from the Republic Center, Eijul ir’Bagbamor tr’Mulaer had to use what was there. It was common to help in the House. Every relative showed him his profession and taught him until he could prove someone else‘s profession interestested him more. This also included farming, woodcraft and a variety of outdoor acitivities. The House tr‘Mulaer still has a representative in the Senate and rules over a continent of the home planet, but the recently deceased Great Grandfather had the House at it‘s peak. He ruled the whole planet and came close to a Great House, until the revolution hit him. With an assasination. Sometimes the Mulaers reminisce about those days, but they also plan ahead to reach their full power again.

tr‘Mulaer started his military training with 16 and received it at the Romulan Military Academy on his home planet. After his second year, around his 18th birthday, he was selected by the Tal‘Shiar and brought to their training camp on ch'Rihan. He was trained there and on two other training sites in the Republic, one of them on Padek, the other unknown or secret. After the first decade of training (10th year, age 26) he was promoted to erie'Eredh and given his first field assignment on the RIS Vrelnec‘Ahuj as Nraehhi'Saehne. He only held this post for three months, and was also demoted back to Erain. Soon afterwards he traveled to the Delta Quadrant to receive his assignment as Tal Shiar Liaison on the SES S’Task.


2405.04.26: Training found sufficient for a Promotion the Erein
2406.05.31: Promoted to erie'Eredh, assigned to the R.I.S. Vrelnec'Ahui RIS-381 as Nraehhi'Saehne [Political Officer]
2406.08.31: Demoted to Erein, ended Assignment
2407.04.12: Assigned to the SES S’Task as Tal Shiar Liaison

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