Earthquake Levels Grainier, Devu II




An earthquake measuring 7.1 on the Richter scale, according to Devu Geo-Service, has decimated the population of Grainier, Devu II. A former mining town, Grainier grew into a prominent high tech industrial town. Home to nearly 75,000 Devu residents, Grainier was quickly coming to rival Diggerstown as a tourist destination on Devu II.

According to Dr. Eko G’noab, director of Geological Studies for the Devu Geo-Service, the earthquake’s epicenter originated along the Shakely Fault, underneath the southern base of Mt. Blackridge.

“We’re lucky that there wasn’t even more damage,” Dr. G’noab told reporters, “the structural integrity of Mt. Blackridge was weakened by mining efforts in the middle 2300's. The southern face has practically collapsed on itself, destroying nearly twenty five percent of the town of Grainier.”

The death count continues to grow but is currently approximated to be around 3-4,000.

“Right now our focus is searching for survivors and taking care of those that we find alive,” Jalin Lerahn, Director of the Devu Relief Fund, told reporters. “We’re working very closely with the Devu Red Star day and night to provide basic necessities to both the survivors and the rescue workers.”

The Devu Relief Fund, originally founded to provide relief to the victims of the Tilver Massacre of 2405, has since expanded its mission to include assistance for all those effected by disaster. While they are
currently working with Devu Red Star to provide basic necessities and medical care to the survivors, a fund has already been formed to assist in rebuilding Grainier.

Starfleet Admiral Sarah Riley has also extended a promise of aid to Devu. “When tragedy strikes, we must set aside our differences and assist each other in picking up the pieces. Starfleet and the Federation are coordinating efforts through Captain Marney Robinson and Starbase Horizon and will help the residents of Grainier in any way that we can.”

Secretary of State, Samantha Montgomery-Bateman, answered a few questions for the press before returning to aid in the effort. “The Devu Mounted Police, in conjunction with the Provisional Defense Force, are working around the clock to locate survivors. Devu University Hospital, Devu Mercy Hospital and St. Augustine’s have already sent medical staff to Grainier and are working with our triage units to transfer the more serious cases to the surrounding hospitals. We are doing everything we can to help the people of Grainier.”

Governor Thomas Bateman couldn’t be reached for comment, but issued the following statement:

“Our hearts, and our hands, reach out to the people of Grainier. In the wake of this great tragedy, it is incumbent on the people of Devu, and the people of the Delta Quadrant, to come forward to help the victims of this disaster.”

A request for volunteers with search and rescue or medical training has been issued by the Secretary of State. Those willing to lend their support can contact relief efforts through either the Devu Relief Fund or the Devu Red Star.

As always, the Devu Sun Times will keep its readers updated as the situation unfolds.

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