Dust Strikes Painful Blow To Devu Populations




In a study released by Devu University Hospitals and Clinics, the prevalence of DUST use has increased nearly 250% from just four years ago. The largest increase in use was found among those in the 13-18 age range. Concerned parents across Devu responded immediately.

“It’s just terrifying,” Jane Hansen, a mother of two teenage boys, told reporters. “We’ve all seen the way that DUST use ruins lives. We need to protect our children.”

Local schools have already begun initiatives to increase funding to Drug Prevention and Drug Education programs. Several parent’s associations, including the Boy and Girl Scouts of Devu, have begun raising funds to provide safe after school activities for young teens.

“We believe that preventative education and the provision of safe harbors is essential to keep children away from the dangers of drugs.” Commented Christopher Graten, principal of Elaine Getz Middle School. “I just want to assure everyone that we are taking this matter very seriously.”

The university study is just another nail in the proverbial DUST coffin. Statistics show rising numbers of users in all age categories as well as an increase in criminal activity linked to DUST.

Governor Thomas Bateman, elected to his second term on Devu II, has announced plans to strike directly at the heart of the DUST trade.

“DUST is a cancer to not only Devu but to the entire Delta Quadrant. We have a responsibility to eliminate the threat of drugs to protect our children from the violence associated with this malicious, illegal trade.”

When questioned about increased use among school age children, Governor Bateman stated: “This pains me more than any other statistic. Devu Mounties have stepped up school patrols and instituted vigorous investigations into the creation and trafficking of DUST.”

The Devu Government has also promised to provide funding to schools and youth clubs offering after school activities.

“We stand behind our children,” Secretary of State, Samantha Montgomery-Bateman told reporters, “we all know that children are the future, and the Devu Government will do what it takes to keep them safe and away from DUST.”

Along with drug education and prevention programs, Governor Bateman has declared that there will be several new initiatives tasked with stopping DUST before it hits Devu’s borders.

“We've stepped up interdiction patrols and have made attempts to track DUST to its source.” Governor Bateman said in a press release hours after the university’s findings came to light. “We've been leaning on the DFA for assistance, and they've been quite helpful assisting us with interdiction and monitoring of Devu space.”

Former Devu Governor Lazarus Cane, elected by the member worlds of the DFA to act as a spokesperson for the DFA, had this to say about Devu’s attempts to halt DUST trafficking in the Delta Quadrant.

“DUST isn’t just a Devu problem, it’s a Delta Quadrant problem. If DUST use is on the rise on Devu then the sad truth is that it is probably on the rise elsewhere. The DFA is unwilling to ignore the findings, or the danger that is DUST. The DFA stands ready to support both Devu, and any other Delta Quadrant planet, in their desire to rid their system of DUST.”

Representatives of Starfleet and the Federation failed to respond to reporters.

“Over 400 deaths were attributed to DUST trafficking last year alone—this isn't a victimless crime. Our entire quadrant feels the pain of this vicious drug.” Governor Bateman concluded in his press release.

Only time will tell if these measures will be enough to halt DUST trafficking in the sector, but the one response from both the private and public sectors is that they will not give up the fight to keep Devu streets and Devu children safe.

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