USS Discovery NCC-75443

Crew Roster:


CO - Commander Jason Lochnivar (M/Human) (played by Michael)
XO - Commander Steven Repka (M/Betazoid) (played by Steve)
(Efficiency Expert – Plot Specific)


COO – Lieutenant Lily Harborleaf (F/Human) (played by Abby)
Operations Officer - Vacant

CIO – Lt. jg Josephine "JO" Bridger (F/Human) (played by Andi)
Intelligence Officer – Vacant

COS – Lt. jg Jeral Bero (M/Joined Trill) (played by Peter)
Security Officer – Ensign Kirin Traex (M/Joined Trill) (played by Nick)
Security Officer – Ensign Danika McLeod (F/Human) (played by Danika) -ELOA-

CSO – Lieutenant Commander Samantha Kelly (F/Human) (played by Leanne)
Science Officer – Ensign James Darwin-Wallace (M/Human) (played by Jimmy)
Science Officer – Ensign Karlia Il'tonae (F/Chameloid) (played by Rachel)
Science Officer – Ensign Reiko Yoshioka (F/Human) (played by Leanne) -NPC-

CHEN – Lt. Ghor (M/Klingon) (Played by David)
Engineering Officer – Ensign Jason Stanley (M/Human) (played by Travis)

A-CMO – Lieutenant Josseph Tanner, Dr. (M/Human) (played by Steve) -NPC-
A-CMO – Ensign Marissa Santiago, Dr. (F/Human) (played by Leanne)-NPC-

ChiefCON – Lieutenant Tanneth Lyre, Dr. (F/Vulcan/Betazoid) (played by Belinda)
Intern Counselor - Achroi Innion (F/Angosian) (Played by Lisa)

Ensign James "6 of 10" Hartfield (M/Ex-Borg/Human) (played by Mark)

Non-Commissioned Officers:

CO – Major Jaurel Tarsus (M/Joined Trill) (played by Tim)
XO – Vacant
Company 1st Sgt – Sgt Major Buck Rawlings (M/Human) (played by Tim) -NPC-
1st Platoon Sgt – Master Sergeant Thomas Drake (M/Human) (played by Tim) -NPC-
2nd Platoon Sgt – Sgt 1st Class Donovan Mitchell (M/Human) (played by Tim) -NPC-
3rd Platoon Sgt – Sgt 1st Class Mark Emerson (M/Human) (played by Tim) -NPC-

Wing (15th Wolfpack):
CO – Lieutenant Commander Sade Aziel Drake (M/Human) (played by Johnny)
Pilot – Cadet Wyatt Deukryter (M/Human) (played by Andi) -NPC-

Kaemada Siersou (F/Unknown) (played by Q)

Council Members:

CO - Michael
XO – Steve
Rep – Peter
Rep – Johnny


March : 303
April : 273
May : 100

CO Notes :
After a stressful escape from Cardassian forces, the USS Discovery and
her crew are taking some shoreleave at Station 6273 for some
relaxation and recoup. We prepare to begin our next mission with the
comming month and should see posting numbers rising again as everybody
gets back in to the swing again.

A notable loss would be Victor Kamagami, playing Master Chief Chris
Pullman, Lost to demands on his time. He will be missed.

The crew is ready for action and glory and all that fun stuff.

Repectfully submitted,
Capt. Michael J. Lockwood
Commanding Officer
USS Discovery

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