Borderlands Council,
Council Members:
CO: Michael
XO: Steve
Rep: Peter
Rep: John

CO - Commander Jason Lochnivar (M/Human) (played by Michael)
XO - Commander Steven Repka (unannounced IC) (M/Betazoid) (played by Steve)
(Efficiency Expert – Plot Specific)

COO – Lieutenant Lily Harborleaf (F/Human) (played by Abby)
Operations Officer – Ensign Jason Lowe (M/Human) (played by Justin)

CIO – Ensign Josephine "JO" Bridger (F/Human) (played by Andi)
Intelligence Officer – Vacant
Intelligence Officer – Vacant

COS – Ensign Jeral Bero (M/Joined Trill) (played by Peter)
Security Officer – Ensign Gellen Draxx (M/Joined Trill) (played by Jack)
Security Officer – Ensign Danika McLeod (F/Human) (played by Danika) -ELOA-

CSO – Lieutenant Samantha Kelly (F/Human) (played by Leanne)
Science Officer – Ensign James Darwin-Wallace (M/Human) (played by Jimmy)
Science Officer – Ensign Karlia Il'tonae (F/Chameloid) (played by Rachel)
Science Officer – Ensign Reiko Yoshioka (F/Human) (played by Leanne) -NPC-

CHEN – Lieutenant Dennis Slade (M/Human) (played by Michael) -NPC-
Engineering Officer – Ensign Aemosen Nicornio (M/Vulcan) (played by Joey)
Engineering Officer – Ensign Jason Stanley (M/Human) (played by Travis)

CMO – Lieutenant Josseph Tanner, Dr. (M/Human) (played by Steve) -NPC-
Medical Officer – Lieutenant Caroline Jones, Dr. (F/Human) (played by Petter)
Medical Officer – Ensign Marissa Santiago, Dr. (F/Human) (played by Leanne)-NPC-

ChiefCON – Lieutenant Tanneth Lyre, Dr. (F/Vulcan/Betazoid) (played by Belinda)

Ensign James "6 of 10" Hartfield (M/Ex-Borg/Human) (played by Mark)

Non-Commissioned Officers:
COB(Chief of Boat) – Master Chief Chris Pullman (M/Human) (played by Victor)
Helm – PO3 Andrew Murphy (M/Human) (played by Karl)

CO – Major Jaurel Tarsus (M/Joined Trill) (played by Tim)
XO – Vacant
Company 1st Sgt – Sgt Major Buck Rawlings (M/Human) (played by Tim) -NPC-
Marine – 2nd Lt. David Smith (M/human) (played by David)
Marine – 2nd Lt. John DiLincoln (M/Human) (played by John)
1st Platoon Sgt – Master Sergeant Thomas Drake (M/Human) (played by Tim) -NPC-
2nd Platoon Sgt – Sgt 1st Class Donovan Mitchell (M/Human) (played by Tim) -NPC-
3rd Platoon Sgt – Sgt 1st Class Mark Emerson (M/Human) (played by Tim) -NPC-

Wing (15th Wolfpack):
CO – Lieutenant Commander Sade Aziel Drake (M/Human) (played by Johnny)
Pilot - Ensign Adam White (M/Human) (played by Adam)
Pilot – Cadet Wyatt Deukryter (M/Human) (played by Andi) -NPC-

Kaemada Siersou (F/Unknown) (played by Q)
Devon Pullman (F/Human) (played by Victor) -NPC-

Posting Numbers:

January: 66
Feburary: 191
March 301 (Yes You read that right)

Plot Synopsis:

We regret to report the Death of Col Ethan Cross during the ordered destruction of the Cardassian Bio Research Facility. The facility was destroyed as ordered, but during the withdrawl of the Discovery from the area, we stumbled upon a cloaked minefield and sustained heavy damages, including the loss of an Alpha Node EPS Tap and two hull breeches. Eventually we were able to repair communications and contact OH1 for assistance. Against orders, Brid General Bearkiller brings the USS Vigilent into Cardassian Space to assist the Discovery.

Blind and without propulsion, Damage control parties work tirelessly to repair the damage, while the fighter wing dispatches to serve as the eyes and ears until Science repair the Sensor Arrays.

The Engineering crew finally gets impulse and Warp drive working as the Vigilent arrives with our new crew (XO, Counselor and CHOPS) and extra surprise. Discovery begins to work it's way through the mindfield to open space when the Cardassian task force arrives. A single pass of a Galor class cruiser, set back the damage control parties by hours and disrupted the warp field.

CO's Note:

I am extremely pleased with the state of the Discovery. We have an excellent crew with enourmous potential. We have been pleased with returning veterans and talented new officers that have been priceless to the success for what we have accomplished so far. I usually try to highlight one person, or a group of people, but this month I have to highlight my entire crew. I'm am amazingly proud of them.

Respectfully Submitted,
Michael Lockwood
CO of the USS Discovery

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