USS Discovery July Report '08

USS Discovery NCC-75443

Crew Roster:

CO - Captain Jason Lochnivar (M/Human) (played by Michael)
XO - Commander Steven Repka (M/Betazoid) (played by Steve)

COO – Lieutenant Lily Harborleaf (F/Human) (played by Abby)
Ops Officer - Ensign Charity Lawson (F/Human/Betazoid) (played by Joey)
Ops Officer - Ensign Tovik (M/Vulcan) (played by Jesse)
Ops/Helm Officer - Ensign Ocran Kohath (M/Human) (played by Nicholas)

CIO – Lt. jg Josephine "JO" Bridger (F/Human) (played by Andi) -ELOA-
Intelligence Officer – Vacant

COS – Lt. jg Jeral Bero (M/Joined Trill) (played by Peter)
Security Officer - Ensign Kirin Traex (M/Joined Trill) (played by Nick)
Security Officer – Ensign Danika McLeod (F/Human) (played by Danika) -ELOA-

CSO – Lieutenant Commander Samantha Kelly (F/Human) (played by Leanne)
Science Officer – Ensign Reiko Yoshioka (F/Human) (played by Leanne) -NPC-

CHEN – Lt. Ghor (M/Klingon) (played by David)
Engineering Officer – Ensign Jason Stanley (M/Human) (played by Travis)

CMO - Lt. Joel Masters, MD (M/Human) (played by Gram)
Medical Officer – Ensign Marissa Santiago, MD (F/Human) (played by Leanne)-NPC-
Medical Officer - Lt. Josseph Tanner, MD (M/Human) (played by Steve) -NPC-

ChiefCON – Lieutenant Tanneth Lyre, Dr. (F/Vulcan/Betazoid) (played by Belinda)
Intern Counselor - Ensign Achroi Innion (F/Angosian) (Played by Lisa)

Ensign James "6 of 10" Hartfield (M/Ex-Borg/Human) (played by Mark)

Non-Commissioned Officers:
Department unfilled

CO – Major Jaurel Tarsus (M/Joined Trill) (played by Tim)
XO – Vacant
Marine - 2nd Lt. Tavek (M/Vulcan) (played by Kevin)
Company 1st Sgt – Sgt Major Buck Rawlings (M/Human) (played by Tim) -NPC-
1st Platoon Sgt – Master Sergeant Thomas Drake (M/Human) (played by Tim) -NPC-
2nd Platoon Sgt – Sgt 1st Class Donovan Mitchell (M/Human) (played by Tim) -NPC-
3rd Platoon Sgt – Sgt 1st Class Mark Emerson (M/Human) (played by Tim) -NPC-

Wing (15th Wolfpack):
CO – Lieutenant Commander Sade Aziel Drake (M/Human) (played by Johnny)
Pilot – Cadet Wyatt Deukryter (M/Human) (played by Andi) -NPC- -ELOA-
Pilot - Jace Anders (M/Human) (Played by Jason)

Kaemada Siersou (F/Unknown) (played by Q)
Dellad Nerian (M/Trill) (played by Peter)
Tannevar (Wolf) (played by Q)
Drew Repka (M/Betazed/Human) (played by Steve)

Council Members:
CO - Michael
XO – Steve
Rep – Peter
Rep – Johnny


May - 100
June - 142
July - 162


The illiegal inhabitants of the Eagle's nest have used a stolen Starfleet Ship to attack the Discovery. During the first round of volleys, chaos erupts on the bridge as an insane Cadet Deukryter emerges from a jefferies tube hatch phaser in hand and an upset and homicidal Dr. Tanner emerging from the turbolift. Cadet Deukryter's mind is still messed up from his experience with the Cardassians and he believes that his crew mates are all dead and replaced with Cardy's who are trying to subvert the Federation. Dr. Tanner, his research on a deadly virus canceled by COmmander Repka, for the third time, has murder on his mind. With the ship being fired on, the Bridge crew being fired on by a deranged cadet and an unsuspecting Repka being attacked by the Dr. the bridge is in chaos. Tanner falls, dead, struck by a phaser blast of unknown origin, falling on top of the new pilot who had emerged from the conference room with Commander Repka, while Lt. Bridger is knocked out. Cadet Deukryter is eventually taken down by Repka as the rest of the crew is focusing on avoiding be struck by phaser blasts and trying to keep the ship in one piece. That is where Discovery has left off.


Real Life has hit the Discovery extremely hard on all levels, from Command to our officers. Despite yet another rise in posting numbers, several players have taken extremely long LOA's for personal reasons. Towards the end of the month we bounced back some, and expect August to be a recovery month. I personally would like to apologize to the council for the abruptness and possible incoherence of this month's report.


XO, USS Discovery

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