Borderlands Council,

Council Members:

CO: Melissa
XO: Leanne
Rep: Michael
Rep: John

CO - Ethan Cross, Colonel (played by Melissa) (M/Human)
XO - Ken Watanabe, Lt. Cmdr. (played by Leanne) (M/Human)
Chief of Boat (Helm) - Chris Pullman, Master Chief (played by Victor) (M/Human)

Intelligence Officer - Josephine "Jo" Bridger, Ensign (played by Andi) (F/Human)

Chief of Operations - Rian DuLara, Lieutenant (played by Melissa) (F/Betazoid)

Chief of Security/Tactical - Jeral Bero, Ensign (played by Peter) (M/Joined Trill)

Chief Engineer - Commander Jasin Lochnivar (played by Michael) (M/Human)
Engineering Officer - Aemosen Nicornio, Ensign (played by Joey) (M/Vulcan)

CMO - Dr. Caroline Jones (played by Petter) (F/Human)
Medical Officer- Dr. Marissa Santiago, Ensign (played by Leanne) (F/Human)NPC

Chief Counselor - Open

Chief Science Officer - Samantha Kelly, Lt. (played by Leanne) (F/Human) NPC
Science Officer - Reiko Yoshioka, Ensign (played by Leanne) (F/Human) NPC
Science Officer - James Darwin-Wallace, Ensign (played by James) (M/Human)

Wing Commander - Sade Drake, Lt. Commander (played by John) (M/Human)
Wing XO - Open

Marine CO- Jaurel Tarsus, Major (played by Tim) (M/joined Trill)
Marine XO- Open
Marine - Krishian Yaimes, 2nd Lt. (played by Kris) (M/Betazoid)
1st Sergeant- Buck Rawlings, Sergeant (played by Tim) (M/Human) NPC
Marine- Mark Emerson, Sergeant, (played by Tim) (M/Human) NPC
Marine- K'tarn, Sergeant (played by Tim) (M/Klingon) NPC
Marine- Thomas Drake, Sergeant (played by Tim) (M/Human) NPC
Marine- Animal, Sergeant (played by Tim) (M/Human) NPC

Kaemada Siersou and Tannevar (played by Q) (F/?)
Devon Pullman (played by Victor) (F/Human)

Posting Numbers:

November: 79
December: 103
January: 66

Plot Synopsis:

The covert team penetrated Cardassian space for their reconnaissance mission after intense training and preparation. Spook successfully piloted the shuttle to their destination undetected where the small team proceeded to their ultimate objective. They moved quickly, but carefully through the installation and had a few close calls along the way, narrowly avoiding detection.

The facilities were found to be more than they appeared and full of various kinds of munitions. With their mission complete, the teams returned to the shuttle and headed back to Discovery. Tension ran high among all the team members given the nature of their mission, but all personnel returned to the ship

Back aboard ship, the rest of the crew had no choice except to wait for the teams to return. Commander Lochnivar ran drills for his engineering teams to be sure everything was working at optimal performance.

In other news:

As a new addition to the crew, Caroline Jones joins Discovery as the new Chief Medical Officer.

There will be a command change for the ship in the near future as Melissa steps down and Michael takes over as CO with the XO remaining the same. Hopefully, the change will go as smoothly as things evolve aboard the ship.

Respectfully Submitted,

XO of the USS Discovery

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