Borderlands Council,
Council Members:
CO: Michael
XO: Leanne
Rep: Peter
Rep: John

CO - Jasin Lochnivar, Cmdr (played by Michael) (M/Human)
XO - Ken Watanabe, Lt. Cmdr. (played by Leanne) (M/Human)
Chief of Boat (Helm) - Chris Pullman, Master Chief (played by Victor) (M/Human)
Intelligence Officer - Josephine "Jo" Bridger, Ensign (played by Andi) (F/Human)
Intelligence Officer/Crypto - Joshua Bennet, Ensign (played by Steve)(M/Human)

Chief of Operations - Open

Chief of Security/Tactical - Jeral Bero, Ensign (played by Peter) (M/Joined Trill)
Security Officer - Gellen Draxx, Ensign (Played by Jack)(M/Joined Trill)
Security Officer - Danika McLeod, Ensign (Played by Danika)(F/Human) - Extended LOA
Chief Engineer - Dennis Slade, Lt (played by Michael) (M/Human) NPC
Engineering Officer - Aemosen Nicornio, Ensign (played by Joey) (M/Vulcan)
CMO - Open
Medical Officer - Dr. Caroline Jones (played by Petter) (F/Human)
Medical Officer- Dr. Marissa Santiago, Ensign (played by Leanne) (F/Human)NPC
Chief Counselor - Open
Chief Science Officer - Samantha Kelly, Lt. (played by Leanne) (F/Human) NPC
Science Officer - Reiko Yoshioka, Ensign (played by Leanne) (F/Human) NPC
Science Officer - James Darwin-Wallace, Ensign (played by James) (M/Human)
Wing Commander - Sade Drake, Lt. Commander (played by John) (M/Human)
Wing XO - Open
Marine CO- Jaurel Tarsus, Major (played by Tim) (M/joined Trill)
Marine XO- Open
Marine - Krishian Yaimes, 2nd Lt. (played by Kris) (M/Betazoid)
Marine - David Smith, 2nd Lt. (played by David)(M/Human)
Marine - John DiLincoln, 2nd Lt. (played by John)(M/Human)
1st Sergeant- Buck Rawlings, Sergeant (played by Tim) (M/Human) NPC
Marine- Mark Emerson, Sergeant, (played by Tim) (M/Human) NPC
Marine- K'tarn, Sergeant (played by Tim) (M/Klingon) NPC
Marine- Thomas Drake, Sergeant (played by Tim) (M/Human) NPC
Marine- Animal, Sergeant (played by Tim) (M/Human) NPC


Ambassador James Hartfield "6 of 10" (played by Mark)(M/Human-Ex Borg)


Efficiency Advisor - Steven Repka, Lt Cmdr (played by Steven)(M/Human)

Kaemada Siersou and Tannevar (played by Q) (F/?)
Devon Pullman (played by Victor) (F/Human)
Posting Numbers:
December: 103
January: 66
Feburary: 191

Plot Synopsis:
The Discovery withdrew from Cardassian Space to report it's findings to Brid. Gen. Bearkiller. Bearkiller authorizes an assault on the Cardassian base to destroy it's research and bioweapons. The Discovery changes it course, and heads back into Cardassian space.

Col Ethan Cross holds a conference with his top staff to determine the best place to strike and organize the mission.

Upon arrival, Fighters are launched, and Marines take their stations to prevent boarding. The Discovery begins to take fire. Cheif Tactical Officer Jeral Bero and Master Chief Pullman coordinate the weapons and movements of the Discovery with Elan. A lucky shot rocks the bridge, forcing Col Cross off his feet, striking his head on a console, killing him instantly. Command of the ship falls upon Cmdr Jasin Lochnivar.

In other news:
Bero and Lochnivar engage in a spirited battle in the Holodeck for 5 strips of Latinum, First phasers, but the bout ends in a physical melee. Just when Bero Recovers the Phaser to win the match, The Red Alert ends the simulation. Dang the luck.
Lt. Cmdr Steven Repka joins us as our appointed Efficency Officer, to examine our protocols and generally make a pain of himself for the current plot, Welcome aboard Steve.

The has been a veritable rush of new crewmembers on board the Discovery. The retention rate is about half, but we're working to increase that as we go along. Overall there has been a renewal of spirit aboard the Discovery, The plot is moving along, and the next one is in the works. I'm very lucky and proud to command a dutystation of such fine talent as these. The post numbers are starting to rebound, let's see what march brings us.

Respectfully Submitted,
Michael Lockwood
CO of the USS Discovery

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