USS Discovery NCC-75443

Crew Roster:


CO - Commander Jason Lochnivar (M/Human) (played by Michael)

XO - Commander Steven Repka (unannounced IC) (M/Betazoid) (played by Steve)

(Efficiency Expert – Plot Specific)


COO – Lieutenant Lily Harborleaf (F/Human) (played by Abby)

Operations Officer – Vacant


CIO – Lt. jg Josephine "JO" Bridger (F/Human) (played by Andi)

Intelligence Officer – Vacant


COS – Lt. jg Jeral Bero (M/Joined Trill) (played by Peter)

Security Officer – Ensign Kirin Traex (M/Joined Trill) (played by Nick)

Security Officer – Ensign Danika McLeod (F/Human) (played by Danika) -ELOA-


CSO – Lieutenant Commander Samantha Kelly (F/Human) (played by Leanne)

Science Officer – Ensign James Darwin-Wallace (M/Human) (played by Jimmy)

Science Officer – Ensign Karlia Il'tonae (F/Chameloid) (played by Rachel)

Science Officer – Ensign Reiko Yoshioka (F/Human) (played by Leanne) -NPC-


CHEN – Lieutenant Dennis Slade (M/Human) (played by Michael) -NPC-

Engineering Officer – Ensign Jason Stanley (M/Human) (played by Travis)


Co-ACMO – Lieutenant Joseph Teller, Dr. (M/Human) (played by Steve) –NPC-

Co-ACMO – Ensign Marissa Santiago, Dr. (F/Human) (played by Leanne) -NPC-

ChiefCON – Lieutenant Tanneth Lyre, Dr. (F/Vulcan/Betazoid) (played by Belinda)


Ensign James "6 of 10" Hartfield (M/Ex-Borg/Human) (played by Mark)

Non-Commissioned Officers:

COB(Chief of Boat) – Master Chief Chris Pullman (M/Human) (played by Victor)


CO – Major Jaurel Tarsus (M/Joined Trill) (played by Tim)

XO – Vacant

Company 1st Sergeant – Sergeant Major Buck Rawlings (M/Human) (played by Tim) -NPC-

1st Platoon Sergeant – Master Sergeant Thomas Drake (M/Human) (played by Tim) -NPC-

2nd Platoon Sergeant – Sergeant 1st Class Donovan Mitchell (M/Human) (played by Tim) -NPC-

3rd Platoon Sergeant – Sergeant 1st Class Mark Emerson (M/Human) (played by Tim) -NPC-

Wing (15th Wolfpack):

CO – Lieutenant Commander Sade Aziel Drake (M/Human) (played by Johnny)

Pilot – Cadet Wyatt Deukryter (M/Human) (played by Andi) -NPC-


Kaemada Siersou (F/Unknown) (played by Q)

Devon Pullman (F/Human) (played by Victor) -NPC-

Council Members:

CO - Michael

XO – Steve

Rep – Peter

Rep – Johnny

Posting Numbers:

February: 191

March: 301

April: 272

Plot Synopsis:

When we last left the Discovery she was floating in space, blind and with no propulsion. The Cardassian base was destroyed and our fighter wing had been deployed to protect the Discovery and patrol the space around her. Against orders the USS Vigilant arrived with the new XO, OPS Chief and several other crewmembers. Propulsion was restored and just as both ships (Vigilant and Discovery) several Cardassian Warships appeared and attacked them, once again knocking out the fragile propulsion systems. Without time to properly check in the new XO and crewmembers went straight to work.

The battle was fierce; several Cardassian boarding parties tried to access the Discovery only to be stopped my Major Tarsus and his Marines. Unfortunately several crewmembers were lost during the assault including, 1st Lt.'s Smith and Dilincoln. All of the Cardassians were killed except one whom was captured, Gul Gudar, the task force Commander. During the course of the battle the new XO, Commander Repka, started treating the bridge and crew as if he were in charge much tot he surprise of the acting Captain, Commander Lochnivar.

During the fierce firefight, the Intel chief (who had went out on a mission against orders) and a cadet pilot became imbedded into the hull of one of the Galor Class Warships. A rescue mission was sent out. While they were doing their best to rescue the fighter pilot team the Engineers successfully repaired the warp drive. Once the others were rescued the fighters were ordered aboard and the Vigilant and Discovery, who had disabled all the Cardassian ships, left the area.

En-route to station 6273 for repairs the Gul was questioned by the Ambassador. The interrogation went roughly until the Cardassian asked for asylum, which was subsequently denied. Mad about his denial of asylum the Gul verbally attacked Ambassador Hartfield attacked the Cardassian who broke a capsule embedded in the roof of his mouth, killing himself. During the interrogation while en-route to the station the staff congregated in the lounge while Commander Lochnivar and Commander Repka got into a confrontation over his assignment to Discovery, neither giving way to the other, Repka using the backing of Admiral Anderson as the tent pole of his argument. That is where we left off.

XO's Note:

First of all I would like to apologize if this report is subpar; it is my first one as an XO. Heck, it is my first report at all. So if anyone has any feedback for me it would be greatly appreciated. Other than that, other then the loss of a few players, including old hand Vic, who played COB Pullman, the Discovery is running smoothly. We have had several great additions, and the writing is really improving. Our numbers have held steady and are expected to rise as we move into a month of character building and personal plotting.

Respectfully Submitted,

Steven Repka


USS Discovery

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