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CO - Captain Steven Repka, MD
XO - Cmdr. Jason Archer (NPC)


COO – Lt. Cmdr. Lily Harborleaf
Operations Officer - Ensign Tovik


Intel Officer – Ensign Ptah Seker


COS – Open


CSO – Lt. Cmdr. Sam Kelly


CHEN – Lt. Jason Bratcher (NPC)
Engineer - Ensign Thomas Johnson


Acting CMO - Lt. Jon Myr, MD (NPC)


ChiefCON - Ensign T'Mari Rein


CO –Major Jaurel Tarsus
XO - 2nd Lt. Steven Thorn (NPC)
Company 1st Sgt – Sgt Major Buck Rawlings (NPC)
1st Platoon Sgt – Master Sergeant Thomas Drake (NPC)
2nd Platoon Sgt – Sgt 1st Class Donovan Mitchell (NPC)
3rd Platoon Sgt – Sgt 1st Class Mark Emerson (NPC)

Wing (15th Wolfpack):

CO – Lt. Cmdr. Sade Aziel Drake
Echo Flight Leader - Lt. (jg) Jace Anders


DFA Observer - Lt. Cmdr. Riley Cassidy


Drew Repka (NPC)

Council Members:
CO - Steve
XO – Jason
Rep – Abby
Rep – Open

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