DFA Strikes Dust At Its Source



- Monday

The Devu Mounted Police released today information regarding a joint DFA/Devu drug interdiction operation on Mendas. Mounted Police Spokeswoman Angel Gar’tup confirmed that the DFA Cromwell had taken part in a raid on three known drug production facilities on Mendas, shutting them down and destroying nearly one million kilos of the powerful and dangerous drug, DUST.

“The crew of the Cromwell, acting under the authority of the Devu Government and with the approval of Governor Bateman, conducted police operations to eliminate the threat of DUST from our cities. The Republic of Devu and the people of the Delta Quadrant owe them a debt of gratitude.”

Sources inside the DFA confirm that there was an undercover operative inside the drug manufacturing operation, which has suspected ties to the True Way terrorist organization. Authorities say that this raid has eliminated nearly half of the current DUST processing capability in this sector.

“It’s about time,” said Devu City Councilman Merris Beaker. “Our cities have been torn apart by this plague, and it’s high time Governor Bateman did something about it.”

Others weren’t so quick to praise the Governor’s actions. “Prevention education is the cornerstone to any attack on the DUST problem,” said Christopher Graten, principal of Elaine Getz Middle School. “Sending an army, without educating the victims, is simply not the right answer.”

Governor Bateman, visiting Starbase Phoenix to promote the DFA and his autobiography, “Redemption is just over the Horizon,” had nothing but praise for the Cromwell’s crew. “They acted with grace under pressure, made swift, appropriate judgments, and conducted themselves in the fine tradition of the DFA.” He also added that the DFA would be rewarded for its cooperation in the Delta Drug Interdiction Task Force. “To repay the DFA and the crew of the Cromwell, Devu is replacing the aging Cromwell with a new, Devu-built starship, currently undergoing final fitting at the Dakkus Shipyards.”

Sources at the shipyards say the new ship, currently unnamed, will be ready for space trials within the next few days.

“With this new vessel,” said Governor Bateman, “the DFA can continue to be at the forefront of exploration, technology, and defense in the Delta Quadrant.”

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