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The Devu Sun Times (DST) is a PADD and paper-based news service responsible for the publishing of both the daily Devu Sun Times and the bi-weekly Devu World News and Report. The Devu Sun Times is one of three print journalism organizations on Devu, along with the Delta Quadrant Daily and the Diggerstown Chronicle. It is owned by Devu Sun Times Publishing, Inc., a company which also has holdings in online media, and is the largest publishing house in the Delta Quadrant.

Notable Publications:

Redemption is Just Over the Horizon by Tom Bateman

Starfleet Injustice by Kara West

Devu Sun Times Borderlands Series

The Prime Directive Literary Magazine

Devu Sun Times News Archive:
2408 Headlines

2408.08 - Race Competitors Gearing Up
2408.07 - Event Announcement - Omicron/Dakkus Space Race
2408.07 - Dakkus Shipyards, Inc. Acquires Omicron Shipyards
2408.06 - Earthquake Levels Grainier, Devu II
2408.03 - DFA Strikes Dust at its Source
2408.02 - Tony Dark Returns to Devu System, Won't Disrupt Goodwill Tour
2408.02 - Three Devu Mounties Killed in Dust Raid
2408.02 - Dust Strikes Painful Blow to Devu Populations

2407 Headlines
2406 Headlines

2406.05 - Delta Freedom Alliance Formed
2406.04 - Devu Government Finding Release from Fleet

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