Devu Relief Fund

The Devu Relief Fund was created in 2405 to help the victims of the Tilver Massacre. The Devu Relief Fund offers counseling services, financial aid and other support services to the victims of the Tilver Massacre.

In 2408, the Devu Relief Fund, in conjuction with the Devu Red Star, expanded its mission to include the victims of all disasters and tragedies. While the Devu Relief Fund is primarily devoted to providing for the financial well being of disaster survivors, they also work closely to provide other basic necessities in times of crisis.

Currently, the Devu Relief Fund has been working in Grainier, Devu II assisting the victims of the 2408 Earthquake.

Devu Relief Fund Personnel

Devu Relief Fund Director

Jalin Lerahn was appointed to the position of Director of the Devu Relief Fund in 2406. She has previously worked for such non-profit organizations as the Sisters of Devu, and the Devu Red Star. Lerahn received her degree in Business from the University of Devu, Devu City.

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