Devu Mounted Police

The Devu Mounted Police (DMP) is the Federal and National police force of Devu II, colloquially known as Mounties. With 33,000 sworn personnel, the DMP is the largest police force on Devu. The Devu "Mounties" are known for their distinctive stetson hats and blue serge uniforms. They are led by Commissioner Kyle Amosa.

The Blue Serge is the formal and ceremonial uniform of the Devu Mounted Police. It consists of a royal blue military dress-style coat, replete with a low neck collar, brass buttons, and golden braided ornamentation with a white cotton T-shirt underneath. The riding breeches (pants) are midnight blue with a yellow strapping (stripe) down the outside seam of each leg. The breeches are always worn with braces. Finishing off the Blue Serge are brown leather riding boots, known as High Browns, a chocolate brown wide-brimmed stetson with a glass-flat brim, and the ever-present side-arm in a brown leather holster on a brown Sam Browne belt.

Because large areas of Devu II are affected by electromagnetic dampening, the Devu Mounted Police did, and still do, use horses for transportation in mountainous areas. The Devu Governor's Mansion, Wind Ridge, was originally a horse ranch built by former Ambassador Thomas "Mick" O'Rielly. Most of the mounts in use by the Mounties today are descendants of those horses.

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