Devu II Monthly Report - May 2008

Mission Statement:

To develop interaction between dutystations using crossovers, shared
continuity, and non-traditional posting, while creating a civilian-based role-
playing experience.

Government of Devu II Staff:

Governor - Tom Bateman - Tom
Lt. Governor - Lazarus Cane - Dan
Secretary of State - Samantha Montgomery-Bateman - Melissa
Chief of Staff - Samantha Carter - Engie (LOA)
Dir. of Information Systems - Casper - Phil
Law Enforcement Advisor - Michelle Crawford - Tom
Security Agents - Luke and Jason Frost - Melissa
Special Projects Director - Kras - Dave
First Dog - Zeus

Devu Mounted Police:

Commissioner of the Devu Mounted Police - Kyle Amosa - Steve
Chief Investigator - Michelle Crawford - Tom

DFA Admiralty:

Delta Quadrant Commander - DFA Vice Admiral Anthony Dark - Tony
Military Affairs Advisor/DFA Liaison - DFA Rear Admiral Dan Forrest - Dave

Starfleet Officials:

Official Whipping Boy - Marney Robinson - Marney

Plot Summary:

Life has seemingly returned to normal for the residents of Devu II.
Governor Thomas Bateman has returned from his whirlwind tour of the Delta
Quadrant and settled into life at the new Devu Governmental Building. After
an initial staff meeting to determine the status of his newly formed
governmental cabinet, the Governor and First Lady took off to enjoy a few days
of rest and relaxation—as well as a belated honeymoon—in a secluded cabin in
the Thomas Xavier Bateman Bear Preserve.

Back in Devu City, Lt. Governor Lazarus Cane is running the office in
the Governor’s absence. But as is always the case, when the Governor’s away,
the legislature will play. Problems in the House however, don’t amount to the
troubles at the base of Mt. Blackridge. As tectonic plates are wont to do,
Mt. Blackridge and the city of Grainier were rocked by a sudden earthquake.
Reports are still coming in and while rescue efforts are beginning to be
formed, Devu is still in the early stages of preparing to combat this disaster.

On the crime front, an old case from Horizon—the one that got blown up—
may have gotten the jump start that it needed after years of being considered
a dead cold case. A shuttle was discovered by divers off the coast and a body
was found inside. Detectives are only in the preliminary stages of the
investigation and are refusing to comment.

OOC Comments:

So, real life is what it is. Pretty well over half, maybe even three
quarters, of the Devu players have needed to take an LOA at one point or
another in the course of the month of May and they weren’t exactly a day or
two, but rather, more like a week or two. It all culminated to produce some
lackluster posting numbers, but because our main motto is: “post when you feel
like it, don’t when you don’t”, we aren’t overly worried.

Besides, until Marney screws up again, we don’t have someone to make
fun of…not that we aren’t making fun of Marney OOC…just not IC.


April: 25
May: 57

Again, we aren’t too worried. Posts aren’t a high priority for Devu
and they never will be. The posts we have had are good, solid writing from
talented players.

Council Representatives:

Tom - CO

Respectfully submitted,

The sometimes acting XO of Devu

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